Monday, 29 March 2010

Review: GOSH Nail Lacquer in Rainbow

Hiya :)

After seeing this on a few blogs, I snatched up the last one on the display in Superdrug. Lucky! I know this seems to be quite an illusive polish, so I thought I'd show you all what it's like :)


What GOSH say: Excellent coverage and extra glossy finish, hard wearing. Does not contain the harmful agents DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor or Phthalic Acid.

What I say: I was surprised at how good Rainbow actually was. With it being a flakie polish, I assumed that it would make for a gritty feeling topcoat. I was pleasantly surprised as it was quite the opposite. I got a perfect smooth coat that lasted for about a week with no chipping! The flakes in Rainbow appear to be red-green when applied, so as you can imagine, this only works with certain polish colours, and I swatched it over quite a few. I found reds and blacks to be the most stunning combinations, in particular over Avon's Wicked. Although I did find that it looked pretty damn fab over George @ Asda's Indigo Dazzle. I think GOSH should bring out more of these types of polishes but with different coloured flakes in.


What GOSH say: Dries quickly and has a smooth consistency which is easy to apply.

What I say: The consistency of Rainbow is different to other GOSH polishes, as it seems to be a little more like a jelly? I might have got this wrong, I've never tried other jelly polishes but this is how I'd imagine they'd be. Saying that, I didn't notice any difference in drying time between this and a standard polish, so I would agree that it dries quickly. As I said above, Rainbow does have a surprisingly smooth consistency, which I wasn't expecting. Thumbs up from me! A teeny downside for me was that when you take the brush out of the bottle, a lot of product just seems to run off of the brush, and the distribution of flakes is sometimes uneven but as long as you work quickly, you can get a nice even coverage.

I've used GOSH Rainbow as a topcoat only so far. Here's some photos of it in action:

Price: £5
Size: 8ml
Availability: Superdrug

Product: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: Maybe

Have you bought Rainbow? What do you think? Do you use it on its own or as a top coat over other polishes? Found any great combinations? Or is it on your wish list? Let me know :)
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  1. I love Gosh Rainbow. I have had a review ready to go on my blog for ages now, will be posting mine on Thursday/Friday this week. It is such a fab polish isn't it. Looks great over pink, I've only tried it over black and purple so far....great post!

  2. I got it more than one year ago, used it for a couple of times only. It's ok for layering, but nothing special (btw, it only reflects orange and green! where is my rainbow? lol). To be honest, I now regret spending 8,5 EUR on this stuff... :/ But again, it's my opinion. :) It looks good on you though! :)

  3. BabyD - I'm looking forward to read your review :) Mine was sat in my draft posts for aggggges haha! Yes it is. I've only used it over the two colours in the photos above but I have swatched it over a few others. I'll experiment and post some more at some point. Thanks :) xox

    HeavenNRJ - I've only used mine twice too. Yeah I get red and green reflects and that's it. I was a bit disappointed by it, I was hoping it'd be a bit more special tbh! Thanks :) xox

  4. awww you have such pretty nails ;-) i wish i could do this!

  5. I've got it, I have only wore it once yet over a purple. Love it over the pink and black, I might do something like that. I think I need to do something Konad, I haven't used my Konad for SO long! :(

  6. Matron-Jo - thanks :) I bet you could! Try it and see :D xox

    Girl With The Golden Touch - Oo does it look good over purple? That's a combo I haven't tried yet! I bet it'd look amazing over GOSH Gasoline! I haven't used Konad in ages either haha xox

  7. There is a Gosh 3 for 2 in superdrug at the moment! Not too sure when the offer ends. Got myself three new Gosh polishes today which i've been after, Ocean, Purple Heart and Metallic Green.

  8. Oh fabby thanks for the heads up! There's a few GOSH polishes I've been eyeing up lately :) xxx