Saturday, 20 March 2010

Loving & Loathing


It's been a quiet week this week, but such a gorgeous one! Hello Spring :D Here's what I'm loving and loathing this week :)

* Glorious, uninterrupted sunshine :)
* The arrival of my samples
* Spending another long weekend at home
* Dreams that leave a smile on your face
* Free delivery at e.l.f. for orders of £10+ (Ends midnight GMT tonight!! Enter OMGLOL34UK at checkout)

* Buses not running on time
* Letting someone back into my life only to feel like she doesn't really care anymore
* Stressing over above issue

The sun and good weather has put me in such a good mood, I'm not loathing much this week! I hope you've all had lovely weather too and have been enjoying yourselves this week xox
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