Thursday, 25 March 2010

Spring Time Nail Art

Hiya :)

Today's nail art is inspired by the incredibly talented Leanne over at Do Not Refreeze. And this post in particular, which I marvelled over for ages before deciding to give it a go myself. She did say it was easy peasy after all ;P

I ended up doing my design slightly differently to Leanne, so here's my finished result:

Products used
Rimmel Lycra Pro Oyster Pink
Rimmel Lycra Pro Pop Rose
Pink rhinestones from a Poundland nail art kit

The flowers aren't perfect but it was my first go at making them :) I take my proverbial hat off to Leanne. If, for some strange, unfathomable reason you have not checked out her amazing skills, please do :) She's amazing. And one day I am going to make her live in my mansion with me so I can have her on hand to do my nails alllllll the time. I'm sure she will totally not object to this in the slightest ;P
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  1. You did freaking brilliantly and this is going in my Free Love Friday post. :D xo

  2. Ooh, can I live in the mansion too, so she can do my nails also? :D

    Love the nails hun, so pretty. x

  3. Leanne - Haha awesome :D Thanks xox

    Claire - Sure! Thanks xox

  4. Wow this is amazing, great job!


  5. Dreams That Glitter - Thank you :) xox

    Laura - If I'm ever down in your corner of England I will :) xox