Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Beauty Resolutions

Good morning to all 504 of you!

Wow, I cannot believe there are now over 500 of you lovely people reading my blog. I really hope you're enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better!

As we've started a new year, I've decided rather than make resolutions I won't stick to, to make some beauty resolutions. I thought if I displayed them here for all to see I might actually stick to them!


001. I've started a new skin care routine and I'm going to try to stick to it for the rest of 2011 in the quest to  have clearer skin. Fingers crossed!

002. I'm going to stop buying make up on a whim. I really should be more careful with my money and as its IMATS at the end of the month, it's the perfect time to impose a spending ban on myself! 
I'm sure you'll forgive me if I end up with Sleek Molten Metal on Friday though right? ;)

003. I'm also not going to step foot in Boots or Superdrug until I've used every single skin care/hair care/body product that I own. I seriously could open my own branch of Boots. What a good job I got the Soap & Glory Tote Bag before Christmas!

004. I'm going to experiment more with make up. I seem to do the same thing day in, day out. I tried something new a few days ago and I'm surprised by how much it inspired me to be more creative. 2011 is going to be the year of colour!

Have you made any beauty resolutions for 2011?

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  1. thanks for sharing your resolutions!

    beauty-wise, i'm going to stick to the skincare products i own and i bought, until i've finished everything (or staples) then i'll let myself to refill. Otherwise no new items for skincare LOL!

  2. These sound like fab resolutions, and definately attainable.. (Along with a sneaky Sleek purchase hehe...)

    Jealous you're off to IMATS!


  3. I'm joining you on 1 and 3! Actually...I need a big vat of hair treatment stuff and heat protector, THEN I wont step foot into Boots! I did a beauty resolutions post sometime last week, makes more sense that daft ideas I wont stick to!

  4. Jennifer - You're welcome :) That sounds like a good plan! xx

    Laura - Thanks :) Haha after all the rave reviews I've heard about it, I can't pass it up. I can't wait for IMATS :D xx

    Lily - I hope we can stick to it :D Fingers crossed we'll stick to them! xx

  5. Hey,

    Nice to 'follow' you.

    I can't wait for IMATS too. Which daya re you going on?


  6. these are great resolutions... I'm trying hard with my skincare routine and spending too! Its suprising how much of a hassle washing your face in a certain way and applying a few creams feels when you do it 2x a day lol. good luck with these x

  7. I want to do the skincare one too. I sleep in my makeup too often if I'm super tired and always regret it in the morning.

    Also going to look after my hair a little more! xx

  8. Farrah - Hello! Thank you :) I'm going on the Saturday, which day are you going? xx

    Onna - Thanks :) Good luck with it! Ha yeah but it's surprisingly nice to be in a new routine :D Thank you :) xx

    Emma - I challenge ye to do it! :D I need to look after my hair more. I'm thinking deep nourishing hair masks are in order :D xx

  9. Great Post I would love to go IMATS, I live a million miles away though :( Make sure you take lots of pics so I can drool over them lol!

    I was lucky and bought the Tote on offer aswell, then a few days later had my bday and my Bestest bought me the smaller wash bag gift set so I am well and truly stocked up on S&G products!
    I'm with you on the colour for this year, Just got my new Glamour mag through the door and they mention this is the year for pastel eyes and neon lips. I can do pastel eyes, not sure I'm brave to do neon lips though...you? xx

  10. Thanks :) Aww that's a shame. Ha don't worry, I will! Hehe sounds like your place will be Soap & Glory HQ! Neon lips? Seriously? Eek I don't think I'm that brave haha! xxx

  11. Well done on reaching 500 followers! I'm trying to use up my stash of toiletries as well- it's surprisingly satisfying when you finish a bottle! Good luck with your resolutions x

  12. Thank you :) Aww good luck! It really is! I've used quite a few up in the last few days. Thank you xx