Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday Summary

Good morning poppets :)

♥ My skincare routine is still going strong and I'm really enjoying it :) Not so much of a chore after all! Just a lovely end of the day ritual.

♥ I was featured on the IMATS website this week - what a surprise!

 ♥ I made orange and lemon cupcakes this week

♥ I love surprising people :)

♥ My skin seems to be improving

♥ Finally some progress with the evil telecommunications company named after a colour.

♥ IMATS is one week away ladies!!! I think we should all try and meet up at some point during the day because it would be lovely to meet lots more of you! If you're going, what do you think about that?


Listening to: Bruno Mars - Grenade, Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life, The Vaccines - Post Break Up Sex

A few to follow: Jo, Sammy & Sarah


I hope you have a great day! Do you have plans for the weekend?

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  1. Wow thats brilliant Kim! Yeah def agree about meeting up. I'm feeling out of the loop with finding out whos going and stuff lately because I've barely been on twitter :( xxx

  2. i'm going to the IMATS on saturday =) can't wait!! hopefully see you there xx

  3. thank you for including me in your ones to follow! :) xx

  4. Psshh, your skin is improving and mine is going absolutely haywire. I seriously don't know what the eff is wrong with it, I'm not using any new/different products on my face :( I think it might be stress.
    But I have a big old cluster of massive, painful cystic spots along my jaw line. The weekend before the week I've been looking forward to for months. FML.

    Still excited though! x

  5. I love Bruno Mars - Grenade too!

    X x

  6. please share a recipe for the cupcakes!

  7. Thanks for the suggestion to follow :-) You're so sweet. Love the Bruno Mars song. He is so amazing. He did a cover of Katy Perry's California girls in the Radio 1 live lounge this week and it's officially my new favourite song. xx

  8. Carla - Thanks :) Aww bless, I'm sure we'll all gravitate towards each other at some point during the day :D xxx

    Siobhan - Yay :D I'm so excited for it! Definitely! xxx

    Sarah - You're welcome! xxx

    Leanne - I think my skin is settling down due to my new routine. Fingers crossed anyway! Me too, so looking forward to it! xxx

    Sarah - It's a great song! xxx

    Laura - Will do! xxx

    Sammy - You're welcome! Oh my days I heard his cover, it was amazing! xxx