Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cosmetics Fail: No 7 Shine Free Primer


Today's post is inspired by Phoebs who asked me to tell the make up don't story that I mentioned in my 'Things I learnt in February' post. So Phoebs, this post is especially for you!

Product in question...

This story began a few weeks ago when I was trying to take advantage of a free delivery offer on Illamasqua. Bear with me, this will make sense! I was intending to buy their matte primer. But the website refused to recognise me despite me putting the correct details in. So basically this post is pretty much Illamasqua's fault. More specifically, their web team's fault.

On the hunt for a decent primer I popped into Boots on my lunch break and began perusing the No 7 stand when a member of staff asked if she could help. Why yes little lady with the corkscrew blonde curls and the scary blue eye shadow, yes, yes you could. She promptly urged me to buy the No 7 Shine Free Primer. So, part with my cash I did.

Next day I opted to try said primer. Without reading those teeny tiny instructions. I mean, it's primer - slap it on my mug and I'm done right? Oh no no mistaken one. For this makes it sit in odd places, visibly I may add, on your face. And it looks bloody awful. I really didn't have time to take it off and start again so I applied my foundation. Not the best finish in the world but you could only tell up close,  i.e. me scrutinising my own face in my compact mirror.

Upon reading the application instructions I found this little pearl of wisdom: "Moisturise before applying. Smooth on alone or under foundation for satiny soft, shine free skin."

Next day I did as it said. Still the primer didn't look much better on the skin as it still sat in odd places and made my pores look obvious. And my skin was anything but satiny soft and shine free. So sorry little No 7 lady, this wasn't a great purchase. It was a waste of £11.

There be the end of the story.

Have you tried the No 7 Primer? Did it work for you?

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  1. I haven't tried it but was going to - thanks for the warning! No7's foundations and powders don't really agree with my skin anyway so I'm sure this wouldn't have worked either

  2. That's ok :) It could just be my skin or how I applied it but I'm not recommending or condemning it because everyone's skin is different xxx

  3. I use this everyday but most of the reviews I've read of it have been pretty negative - it's weird how someone's HG product can be hated by someone else! I make this product work for me by using the TINIEST amount (the size of a pin head) and just on my nose and forehead and it does seem to stop shine. x

  4. I personally love it, but it is hard to work with. It's one of the best primers for me and for keeping my oily skin at bay! .. I did a review of it on my blog a while back..

  5. I bought this a few months ago and can't bear it. It sits weirdly with me as well. If I put it on after moisturiser, let it sink in a bit then try to put foundation over the top, it goes all flaky and looks awful. What a waste of money.

  6. I've used this for years and the secret to it is less is more. I only use on problem areas, my forehead and chin, and a tube lasts me a year. From other reviews I've read, I think it's one of those products you either love or loathe x

  7. I hated this to start, but perservered and I repurchased! It is really difficult to work with though, I found it quite flaky.

  8. I bought this a few months ago while in need of a good primer, attempted it a few times, but got the same result every time - flakiness and uneven foundation on top of it. I tried using less, then more, then only in certain areas - with the same less than pretty outcome.

    I'm glad it works for some people, unfortunately I don't seem to be one of them!

    (thank goodness xmas brought a lovely little porefessional!!)

  9. If it's any consolation, I tried the Illamasqua mat primer and it didn't do anything...well it didn't make my face look worse but it didn't prolong the wear of my foundation or eliminate shine. Maybe the Boots lady saved you some money in the end?

  10. I used the redness reducing No7 Primer and didn't like it either. ELF's mineral infused primer is so much better.

  11. Ah, thankyou! I feel so special :') Sorry that you wasted your money though... xxx

  12. I hate this stuff, I made the mistake of trying it a couple of years ago before I discovered the joy of mineral makeup.....
    Definitely take it back to the counter for a refund though, they have been really good at No7 when I have brought mascara(amongst many other things!)back in the past.
    God luck:)

  13. Lily - I guess it really is the thing that some products work for some people and not for others xxx

    Sophie - Thanks Sophie, I'll check it out xxx

    Natalie - Yeah same here! xxx

    Karla - I'm glad it works for you :) xxx

    Kat - Ah same here. Odd! xxx

    Ly - Same here! Oo I want to try Porefessional *waves bye bye to more cash* xxx

    Mary - Oh no way? I'm yet to be convinced! xxx

    Laura - Maybe the formula just isn't for us? I tried the e.l.f. primer and it wasn't bad but it wasn't the best I've used. Although I have to say I prefer it to this No 7 primer xxx

    Phoebs - You're welcome! That's ok I'm just glad it didn't cost double! xxx

    Scarlett - Oh really? I wasn't aware we could get refunds for cosmetic products in the UK xxx

  14. I'm glad I didn't buy this one, Seems a few people have had problems with it.
    I use the GOSH primer, which I swear by. My sister bought it and I sneakily tried it, fell in love with it and had to buy my own so she didn't notice I was using hers so much :p

    I usually rub a little moisutiser over my face before putting it on, but sometimes when I'm in a rush I don't bother and it still works well, give that a try if you're passing a superdrug :)

    Laura x

  15. Laura - I used to use the GOSH primer religiously! Then I decided to try other options. I guess this is a case of stay with what you know! xxx

  16. Such a shame honey :( Thanks for saving us some money though :) x

  17. I'm not condemning it but it just didn't work for me xxx

  18. Yes! I recently returned a No7 mascara, without a receipt, for store credit.
    No7 and Clinique have both been good in the past.

    Also, I was asking about foundation recently at the Chanel counter and was told that if I didn't like the foundation I could bring it back as long as I hadn't used too much!

    Hope you get your money back :)

  19. Oh wow! That's good because I realised that I threw my receipt away. I'll definitely take it in and ask on Monday. Thanks for the tip :) Oo I wouldn't have guessed Chanel would do that. It's very good of them :) Thanks! xxx

  20. I use the GOSH face primer, and have to confess that it's the only one I've used, but since I love it so much, I don't think I'd dare try anything else haha :)

    I'll definitely be steering clear of this one though, because I just know that my skin wouldn't like it, because I've experienced similar with other types of product :-/

  21. I used to use the GOSH one until I started on the hunt for a cheaper dupe. Wish I hadn't bothered haha as nothing compares. Until I started using my new Witch primer but more on that another time :) xxx

  22. I actually find this product fantastic, it's top of my 'can't-live-without' products! You need to be very careful to only use a tiny amount, or else you'll be left with white marks, but if you use only a minuscule amount (and I only use it on oily areas - ie everywhere but my cheeks) it's great. It's the ONLY product I've ever found that can keep my face shine-free for an entire day. Put it on after moisturizing and before foundation (if you're wearing foundation).
    It's not a traditional primer, it doesn't give the smooth feel of the likes of gosh or smashbox primers, it's purpose appears to be controlling shine rather than smoothing skin. But I've used both Gosh and smashbox and while I liked the fact that they left my skin smooth, it was shiny within a couple of hours.
    And just to reiterate - use the smallest amount possible!!! But if you have oily/shine-prone skin this is a godsend once you get used to applying it.

  23. Oh really? I might give it another whirl then :) Thanks for the tip Erica! xxx

  24. I bought the green anti-redness one last week and it just made my face green and weird. If I use a tiny amount it won't do anything for my redness, if I used loads it doesn't blend! :(
    Glad I'm not alone!

  25. Eek I'm so glad I didn't get that one! I've used a green anti-redness moisturiser before and had the same problem. Very odd! Thanks for sharing xx