Friday, 4 March 2011

NOTD: China Glaze For Audrey

Hello lovelies :)

I recently bought one of China Glaze's most iconic polishes: For Audrey. It took a lot of tracking down but I have to say it was most definitely worth it as it's absolutely gorgeous!!

And a bit of nail art, inspired by the Feb issue of Glamour Magazine!

Do you own For Audrey?

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  1. Its such a gorgeous polish :) xxx

  2. I don't have it, I'm not sure it would look good on me. It looks great on you though and the design you did is so cute :D x

  3. i think i need this in my life it is beautiful!!

  4. You paint nails so so so well!
    I love this colour and the design!

  5. Guuuhhh. I have wanted this for literally about 2 years but just never got round to ordering it! x

  6. I own it, I love it and I can't wait until my nails have grown a little longer to wear it. x

  7. I keep meaning to get this then always forget, SUCH a perfect colour for spring :) Looks so cute!xx

  8. this is one of my all time favourite nail colours, must dig mine out!

  9. Oooo that is beautiful!!! Cute dots :) I really must invest in some more China Glaze polishes. xx

  10. Stavroula - You won't know unless you try it! Thanks xxx

    Safare - Agreed :p xxx

    Charli - Thank you :) xxx

    Leanne - Do it, do it now! :P xxx

    Claire - Yay! xxx

    LauraF - Agreed, it's such a lovely shade! xxx

    Laura - I can't get enough of it! xxx

    Jo - Thank you :) You won't regret it! xxx

  11. I love For Audrey, think I'll put it on tomorrow. And I'll definitely have to buy a yellow to add dots to it, it looks great! :) xxx

  12. Your nails are the PERFECT length and PERFECT shape.

    Check out mine?

  13. I need this in my life! You have such amazing nails and I love the cuteness after you added on the polka dots! So simple yet effective! x