Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saturday Summary

Good morning :)

♥ Sunshine

♥ Salad

♥ Dinner out

♥ My Macbook arrived. I am in love.

♥ Michael McIntyre's Autobiography. Laugh out loud/cry with laughter/choke on food funny.

♥ Venturing out sans coat. Lovely!

♥ Sainsbury's Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies. Nom.


Listening to: Birdy - Skinny Love, The Wombats - Anti D, The Blackout - Higher & Higher
A few to follow: Sarah, Rachel & Ashlie


Have a good weekend my darlings!

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  1. NOM NOM! I've been loving salad this week too :) haha 'choke on food funny' i'll have to check that book out. I love Michael Mcintyre and russell kane :)

    Ahh thanks so much for the mention Kim, have a nice weekend xx

  2. I love the way your blog is designed, so pretty! What d'you think of macbooks, I'm tempted to get one when my laptop's not very happy at the moment, makes these funny screeching noises sometimes then just shuts down.x

  3. Ashlie - It's definitely worth a read if you're a fan! You're welcome :) Thank you, I hope you do too xxx

    Katey - Aww, thank you :) I ADORE my Macbook! It's so quick! And very easy to use, don't be afraid of making the jump from Windows to Mac! Oo yikes my Windows laptop used to do that and it got terribly slow and crashed after an hour of being switched on. Mac is so much better :D It's flawless and just works ha! xxx

  4. I LOVE them cookies!

    Sarah x

  5. Aren't they the absolute best? xxx