Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday Summary

Good morning possums :)

♥ China Glaze For Audrey

♥ Having a good old nosey in Selfridges last weekend!

♥ The Witch Skincare Event - post coming soon!

♥ No 7 Blue Gel Eyeliner - seriously cannot get enough of it! I'm definitely buying a back up... or three!

♥ Witch Primer

♥ Deciding which Apple Mac I want to buy :D

♥ Nude and pastel coloured nail polish

♥ Finally getting my hands on a Urban Decay Naked Palette!!!!!!

♥ New shoes, makeup and nail polishes. What lunchbreaks are made for, naturally ;)


Listening to: Ellie Goulding - Lights, Alexis Jordan - Good Girl & Foo Fighters - Rope
A few to follow: Mercedez, S.B.V. & Laura


Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. I love your blog - i've just become a follower :)

    Im new to the blogging world and would appreciate someone like you following my blog

    - CupcakesCocktailsCouture


  2. I have No7 gel liner in Turquise, and whilst its a lovely colour, I find the texture to be a bit weird. I guess its ok for a statement eye, and with a £5 off voucher it wasnt a bad buy.
    But the best No7 buy I had was their Stay Perfect lippy in Tranquil Rose- sucha lovely colour.

  3. Laura - Aww thank you! I'll check yours out :) xxx

    TulipFields - Yeah I'm not sure about that one either to be honest. Oo I'll check the lippie out, thanks! xxx