Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Summary

Good morning cherry blossoms :)

♥ I love days off

♥ Bright, cheap nail polish can brighten my day :D

♥ Being at work but doing nothing all day training all day

♥ Surprise bumper pay packets

♥ Listening to Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave's record breaking radio broadcast

♥ Lovely people

♥ Ordering my Macbook!!! So excited for it's arrival as my laptop died this week. Apt timing ;)

♥ Crazy Comic Relief antics!


Listening to: Nicole Sherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath, Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor (Not exactly Jenny From The Block though is it?) & Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights Bigger City
A few to follow: Nicoletta, Rachael & Kat


Have a good weekend possums!

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  1. Hey Kim - thanks for the mention! :) Had been loving Moyles too this week, so emotional! Very envious of your Macbook order!! x

  2. Hope your enjoying this super sunny day xo

  3. Rachael - You're welcome! They were great! Hehe xxx

    Laura - I was stuck indoors at work all day :( Boo. Hope you did! xxx

  4. ahh i want a macbook so bad! you lucky thing :).xx