Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Witch Life Balance Event

Good morning lovelies :)

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Witch Skincare Life Balance Event in London. I was excited at the thought of another trip to London - it's addictive! Tell me that isn't just me?

I made my way down to a very busy, grey, and very very wet London where I met the lovely Emily and we promptly scooted over to Oxford Street for a bit of window shopping (Selfridges anyone? There's a pair of Uggs in the Shoe Boutique with my name on them!) before making our way (and promptly getting a bit lost thanks to my not so genius Geography skills) to 1000 Heads PR where we were greeted with champagne. Hello!


We were each given name badges that had 6 stars on. The idea was that we racked up three innocent virtues and three guilty pleasures so that our badges balanced out at the end of the evening and we had a healthy balance. The Witch ladies were sneaky and had lots of guilty pleasures lined up!

Guilty Pleasures

Graffiti Wall

We learnt how to play Texas Hold'Em Poker!


Cookie Decorating

Extra nommy cupcakes! I nabbed one for the journey home. Truly scrumptious fare!

Domino's Pizza!

Innocent Virtues



Yummy fruit and veg :)

Witch Anti Blemish Cosmetics

Once we'd had a good old mingle, Helen spoke to us about Witch's new anti blemish cosmetic line which are designed to prevent blemishes whilst helping to achieve a flawless finish. The new products include a primer, redness relief moisturiser, pressed powder and a tinted moisturiser.

Make Up Artist Nat Van Zee then demonstrated by using the new products to make up Helen

Ta da! Helen with Bettina

We all had a good old swatch, and in some cases a sniff, of the products and we were given a generous goody bag to take home!


To round the evening off we were treated to a Burlesque masterclass from Kittie Klaw with some demonstrations from two willing participants - Steph and Onna!



Thank you once again to Witch for inviting me, I had a fab time! It was lovely to meet so many bloggers and some familiar faces! In case you were wondering, I lost count of whether I was innocent, guilty or maintained a healthy balance. I blame copious amounts of champagne and fabulous company in the form of Emily, S.B.V., and Laura :)

The Witch Skincare Cosmetics lines is available now from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco. I've been testing these products out for a couple of weeks now and my top recommendations are the Primer, Powder and Tinted Moisturiser! At a very purse friendly price - nothing is more than £6.99 - these are bargains for multi-tasking products! Watch this space for reviews!

Will you be trying any of the new Witch products?

Thanks to the Witch Flickr for the majority of photos :)

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  1. Wow, this looks so great!
    I would LOVE to go to an event like this.
    I'm in the market for a tinted moisturizer so I might give this one a go!


  2. It was! I'd definitely recommend it :) Try Shade 01 as 02 and 03 are really dark xxx

  3. aww it was lovely too meet you too hunni xxx