Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Things I learned through February 2011

Morning possums!

Ah February. It's been a fairly good month on the whole :)

001. I hoard unnecessary stuff like old magazines, packaging, jiffy bags, ribbon, buttons. You name it, I probably have it.

002. Ciate polishes are lush!

003. I am not the only graduate to not be able to find a job! Three people I know who graduated last summer, like me, are working in town. 

004. Working in sales is a bit daunting but also fun. I just wish customers understood that we are not perfect so please don't get annoyed with us!

005. I went to Wetherspoons for the first time in years today. They're very slack these days. Although their bacon carbonara is just a bit nommy!

006. Sundays are slowwww days for selling flowers.

007. My work friends are all epic Friends fans. I knew I should have wasted my time watching it at uni. Fail.

008. One must keep time to the very millisecond. Oh sod off please.

009. Sometimes, I'm such a doofus.

010. Good things always come to an end. But where one door closes, yada yada yada...

011. Social media is a complete win sometimes, and a bit of an annoyance at others. Ho hum.

012. I think I have a bit of an obsession with No 7! I've spent a small fortune on their products this week, but they are amazing!

013. Men will probably never learn how to be organised!

014. Roses mean everything but love.

015. One should not use No 7 Shine Free Primer without following the instructions first...

016. Customers who ring to complain will always shout, swear and get angry with call centre staff. Chill your freaking beans! It. Is. Not. My. Fault.

017. I can listen to BBC Radio 1 on my phone. Still don't know how to use everything on it hahaha!

018. It's a good news day! I officially have a job, despite thinking I'd get the chop! Wahey!

019. Quiet days at work = go home early. Win.

020. Lincoln disappoints me shopping wise. But do I ever go anywhere else? No. Oh dear.

021. I like to be organized and I dislike the fact that my employers and my workplace are not. Also, loving pastel nail polish and eye make up, as inspired by Glamour magazine :)

022. It's funny how things work out, don't you think?

023. Customers are horrible. I understand that you're disappointed at a service, but please don't rant at the people that answer the phone in customer care, it's not our fault! We want to help you but not if you get irate at us. Fact.

024. I think I'm becoming more sensible in my old age. Me saving wages? This is unheard of. But the temptation of a Macbook = operation save wages. Watch this space!

025. I really, really, cannot stand mustard. Yuck.

026. I can drink champagne cocktails like they're going out of fashion, and I need to buy waterproof boots.

027. A champagne soaked brain + work = not the best.

028. I've worked out that by March 25th I should have enough money to buy a Macbook. EXCITED.

Did you learn anything interesting this month?

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  1. hahah kim this is sooo funny...love it....i wish i could do an operation own something apple but it all just seems such a waste to me....i hate retail too..never become a manager the problems you describe escalate x4...love you blog..


  2. I've learnt that I *need* to learn how to save money! I need a laptop and a DSLR. So only need about £1000!
    I'm also loving No7 products, the new tinted moisturiser especially. Love this post. xx

  3. Nilufar - Thank you :) I know Apple are expensive but they're better and last longer than any Microsoft products. Good value in the long run :) Oh God I couldn't be a manager, I get stressed enough with complaints as it is haha! Thank you xxx

    Princesselfy - Haha same! Yikes good luck with the saving! I haven't tried the tinted moisturiser but I might pick it up this week. Thank you xxx

  4. :D Loving No 7 a little too much myself at the moment, especially with the 3 for 2 and then the £5.00 voucher.

    Emma x

  5. Oh tell me about it! Spent a small fortune on them lately! xxx

  6. I've worked in sales/customer service before so I can totally relate to you on the winging customers haha xx

  7. They're such a pain aren't they haha? xxx

  8. I did five years at tesco...customers = major pain!

  9. Aww they're mardy sods aren't they? xxx

  10. ooo! Now you've tempted me with the prospect of a makeup don't story! Can you please do a blog post on what happened with the no.7 primer! xxx