Friday, 5 August 2011


Hello possums :)

I've recently bought some lovely new jewellery so I thought I'd showcase it on here for you.

Like the magpie that I am, I saw this beautiful sparkly, colourful bracelet on a stall in one of the marquees at the Lincolnshire Show back in June. It was a steal at £10. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the seller was.

Next up, I became aware of Cutie Pie over on Amy's blog. I had a browse of the website and couldn't resist ordering this beautiful La Vie en Rose vintage pink bracelet. £18 and free shipping!

I always love checking out Temporary:Secretary and I've bought from them a few times in the past. This time I wanted to get my hands on this cute Rose Garland (£10). I also picked up this Pink Flower Ring (£6.90) and this beautiful Vintage Filigree Floral Cameo Ring (£10, currently sold out).

I love buying from independent retailers! Do you have any favourite online jewellery boutiques to recommend? Do you have your own online store? Link me up :)

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  1. so cute! I do have my own!

    x hivenn

  2. They look very pretty! I found a nice vintage ring that goes well with blue nail polish- and then lost it!! argh :p

  3. i love Temporary:Secretary ive got some really cute cameo stuff from there before, love the rose garland

  4. Jazzy - Thanks :) Oo I shall check your store out, thanks for the link! xx

    TulipFields - Thanks :) Aww no! xx

    Wooden Heartbeat - I love their stuff, it's so cute! Thanks xx

  5. I really like the rose bracelet so pretty :)

    shel xx