Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday Summary

Morning lovelies :)

♥ Seeing my gorgeous little cousins!

♥ Snapping up sale bargains

♥ I am a little bit obsessed and in love with Illamasqua

♥ A lovely Debenhams order arrived for me :D

♥ Coral nail polish. And lipstick. And blush. And lipgloss. You get the picture.

♥ Free coffee

♥ The end of a working week when I have an exciting weekend planned!


Listening to:
01. Olly Murs - Heart Skips A Beat
02. Example - Stay Awake
03. Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

Neighbours - haha! The soap. I'm not a weird curtain twitcher lol!

Lots of Illamasqua products - 2 orders may have arrived this week haha!

Marie Claire

A few to follow:
01. Carrie
02. Liloo
03. Abbie


Hope you're having a fab weekend!

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  1. Oh, I don't neighbours make for interesting viewing.

  2. That quote is so true.. I think I want a quote like that on my wall :)
    & illamasqua has been one brand I've never properly taken too but recently I've been liking their stuff more and more!! x

  3. I thought it was quite apt, considering the week we'd had. Yeah me too :) I might have an area of a wall in my room of inspirational quotes! Yeah I've discovered loads of their stuff recently, a bit in love with them now! xx

  4. I feel so rude for not noticing this sooner. Thank you for the fashionsuede mention <3

  5. Not to worry, you're very welcome! xx