Monday, 29 August 2011

Cambridge Haul

Hello lovelies!

I spent yesterday walking around the beautiful city of Cambridge and I thought I'd show you the few bits and pieces that I picked up :)

New Look

I bought two lovely mohair knitwear coverups, a polka dot sheer scarf, a beautiful handbag that I couldn't leave on the shelf and a purse to go with it. As I'd spent over £30 I was entitled to a free necklace!

Boots/Superdrug/Hair Salon/Accessorize

I'd been meaning to pick up a Kerastase Chroma Reflect Conditioner for my hair for ages but I've found it so hard to track down. I was walking through the Grafton Shopping Centre when I saw a Kerastase display in a salon so I nipped in and picked one up. I also got another John Frieda Foam Dye in Superdrug as it was on offer again, down to £6.99. I also picked up a tube of Carmex as my pot is nearly empty and I figured the tube would be less messy! This was also on offer at £2. I had £4 of points on my Beauty Card so both products only cost me £4.99 in total. Bargain! When I was in Boots I picked up a back up of my favourite VO5 Argan Oil Elixir, a Champneys Miracle Balm and a No 7 polish as I had a voucher to use. I also finally picked up another Accessorize polish that was meant to be another MAC Venemous Villains dupe, so I'll do an NOTD with it soon for you!


In true Bridget Jones style, I had to pick up another diary for the upcoming year. I still haven't got out of the academic year diary phase, hence why it's a 2011/2012 diary! I also picked up a lovely pink pen to match the pink text inside!

How are you spending the Bank Holiday weekend? I'm off to make cupcakes now!

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  1. I used to spend a lot of time in Cambridge - it's very pretty and I like their market... and I LOVE the restaurant Teri-Aki by the punting office. Yum!

    This Bank Holiday weekend I've just had a meal with my partner's parents. Yes, I love eating lol.

  2. lovely haul! I particularly love the bag (which I wouldn't have left on the shelf either :p) and the dairy!

  3. Love this haul!

    Is the Kerastase conditioner good? I've been looking for a good conditioner for my coloured hair. I've just been using the ridiculously small Nice n Easy tubes. :/

    Carrie x

  4. I love the bag and purse! Very tempted to purchase both!

    Tess x

  5. Anoushka - Their market was pretty much over when we got into the city centre itself which was a shame. Oo sounds good! xx

    Daniela - Thanks :) Isn't it gorgeous? The colour just spoke to me, I had to have it! xx

    Carrie - Thanks :) Yes, it's amazing! Super soft, shiny, can't-stop-touching-my-hair amazing :D xx

    Tess - Thanks :) Do it! They're amazing value for money which I totally love about New Look xx

  6. enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!


  7. Let me know if the Kerastase is any good lovely! Been thinking of getting it for my hair! xxx

  8. Shall do :) I had a sample before and it was amazing! Full review to come soon! xx