Friday, 19 August 2011

Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Morning all :)

It seems like ages since I've done a review! Despite having owned this for months, I haven't reviewed it, so I thought I ought to as it's such a 'cult' product. And if you don't already own it, well, hopefully I'll have convinced you by the end of this post!


Urban Decay say: Our #1 product because it works: apply our weightless, invisible Eyeshadow Primer Potion before your shadow for ridiculously long wear, more vibrant colour, and absolutely NO creasing! The new squeeze tube features a precise needle-nose tip and 10% MORE potion.

I say: Oh Urban Decay, I am a convert. Nothing is as good as your primer. It's nude in colour, weightless, easily applied and absorbed into the skin. It brings shadows to life, and my eye make up stays put all day, whether it's a shadow or a paint pot or a cream shadow and doesn't ever crease. Amazed. The new tube is brilliant too.


Urban Decay say: Nada. Not a thing.

 I say: I squeeze a minuscule amount from the tube which is more than enough for each eyelid, making UDPP excellent value for money. I pat over each lid then gently rub it in. I apply my chosen eye product and I find UDPP really grabs the colour. I can apply first thing in the morning and it will last until the end of the day. No wonder they claim 24 hour wear on the US website!

Price: £14.50
Size: 11ml
Available from: Debenhams


Product: 10/10
Price: 8/10 - the fact it works and is good value makes up for the price
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: Yes

Are you in the primer or non-primer camp? Care to share your reasons? Have you tried primers that you absolutely love?

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  1. I used to swear by this stuff, but I have to say I now use ELF mineral eyeshadow primer, does the same job for £3!

  2. Do love this and with the new packaging it's SO much better!
    I reviewed the new packaging and some of the other shades - you should have a look at some of the others, they work as shadows too. xx

  3. Laura - Oh really? I couldn't make my mind up about the elf primer - might have to give it a whirl as it would save me some money xx

    Hannah - Ditto, it's fab isn't it? I had Sin and that worked as a shadow, might have to look at the others xx

  4. Looove this stuff! It took me ages to be talked into buying any, but once I had it was like a revelation haha. In four years I've only ever bought 2 full size tubes since the minis in the palettes last ages, too! Too Faced Shadow Insurance is just as good, if not better since it's smoother and clearer in colour.

  5. Yeah same here haha but its definitely worth the investment! I've not tried Too Faced but I might have to pick one up to compare some time :) xx

  6. No primer seems to work amazingly for me but the ELF mineral eye primer is pretty comparable to this UD one and it's miles cheaper! I find MAC paint pots to be a little longer lasting though. I have weird eyelids! ha

    Great review sweet, super glad this one works so well for you! xoxo

  7. I haven't finished my old one but I am excited to try the new packaging as soon as I have :)

  8. Jennie - I really will have to try the elf one :) I find my paint pot stays all day without creasing which surprised me. Will be interesting to see if I can say the same for an elf cream shadow and a Illamasqua liquid metal that I'm yet to try out. Thank you xx

    Enigma - It's certainly a lot better! xx

  9. My initial impression was 'SOLD!'

    Then I read the comments, so now it's 'SOLD & ELF? SOLD' :D

    Comparison post coming up ;)

  10. I love it! Very first Primer I ever tried and its great. I am so glad they sell this in a tube now! Great review :)

  11. CherrySue - Looking forward to it :) xx

    Alaina - Thank you :) xx

  12. I'm actually looking for my first primer, so this was really helpful! I rarely wear eyeshadows since they tend to crease terribly on me, so a primer really is a must, and Primer Potion is at the top of my list <3 :)

  13. I'm glad to have helped Summer! I'd definitely recommend a primer - if you want to start cheap, loads of people have recommended the elf mineral primer :) Primer Potion is brilliant, I'd definitely recommend it as it really helps prolong the stay of your eye shadow etc xx

  14. I'm definately a non-primer - no reason for this though other than I've never really used one before as I haven't found the need to.

    I've heard a lot about this primer, but the only thing that's put me off is the price.
    If it lasts a long time then I'd probably be interested in buying it?
    Especially after this review. Thanks for posting!
    Carrie xx

  15. I wouldn't be without a primer now to be honest :) I thought Urban Decay were a little pricey when I first came across them, but they're worth every single penny :) Glad I helped! xx