Monday, 1 August 2011

Things I learned in July 2011

Hello possums :)

I know I say this every month, but seriously, it's the end of July already? Less than 5 months until Christmas. Crazy. Selfridges and Harrods have opened their Christmas shops, beauty brands are showcasing their Christmas ranges to the press, and I spied the 2011 Christmas range PowerPoint at work. Oh deary me.


01. I am forgetful. I didn't realise until I took my makeup off that I'd forgotten to put mascara on today. Fail!

02. Men are closet romantics too

03. One should be careful as to what one tweets, for things can be easily misconstrued!

04. The MAC website is blocked at work. How very dare you prevent me from purchasing must have items?

05. Boots dispatch orders very promptly for free delivery. Impressed!

06. Sainsbury's mocha desserts are nice, but my Mum's is better.

07. Time goes way too quickly. (There I go again!) I graduated a year ago today. Seems like yesterday!


08. MAC Ever Hip is gorgeous! So glad I bought two :D

09. Blown tyres do not make a good noise.

10. Being subtle is an art form.

11. Finishing work in the middle of an evening is, quite frankly, pants.

12. I can be sensible with money

13. Sometimes you can just totally click with the right person.

14. Work have overpaid me for last week...

15. ... and I spent that overpayment on some bargains at Meadowhallhell.


16. I have a ninja spider in my room. Not cool. And using colourful language is also not cool.

17. Accessorize makeup is gorgeous. And yes, I'm very late to this bandwagon.

18. I miss Stoke, and pretty much everything involved with my student days *sigh* A good chat with a very good friend put things in perspective. Onwards and upwards from here :)

19. Sometimes I feel like I don't exist to anybody else.

20. The people I work with do make me laugh, even if it is completely inappropriate.

21. My faith has been restored in Glossy Box

22. Primark PJs are the best


23. Amy Winehouse passed away today. Such a sad and tragic loss at much too young an age. It also showcases how heartless some people really are...

24. GOSH Metallic Purple polish is quite possibly the most beautiful polish I own

25. Costa Coffee Berry Coolers taste like skittles. The purple ones. And Ribena. Yum.

26. I never go to bed when I should, especially when I have to be up early for work. Although I do love receiving late night texts that put a smile on my face :)

27. I've probably said it before, and I'll say it again - I am bored of my nail polish collection.

28. I might be a little bit addicted to Costa's Caramel Lattes. Oh dear.

29. Oh balls. I am financially unorganised. Hello interest payments :/

30. People have faith in me to do their nails :)

31. I have lost the knack of Konad-ing. Hardly surprising when I haven't used it in over a year!

Tell me, what have you learned this month?

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  1. loving this post - it was such a good read :)
    & being subtle is definately an art form - one I have yet to master lol!!x

  2. I am bored of my nail polish collection- spent ages choosing and was unhappy with the choice :p
    This is obscene though, since I have so many untrieds

  3. Rachel - Thank you :) Hehe you'll get there :) xx

    TulipFields - Ha I'm always the same! xx

  4. I'm totally with you on some of these!
    Where does the time go..
    The only thing you can do is go onwards and upward I think, otherwise it would be a very depressing life to look at!