Friday, 9 September 2011

An A/W '11 must have: Ugg Boots by Whooga

Hello possums!

Over recent years, I've come to embrace the Ugg Boot trend but have been forever lusting over the real deal. This year, my search is over.

Behold, my Whooga boots!

For those of you that don't know, and I certainly didn't before coming across Whooga, the term 'ugg boot' refers to the style - a sheepskin leather boot. Whooga are a legitimate and trademarked brand of ugg boots, and they are one of the fastest growing brands of ugg boot.

Why choose Whooga?

Whooga ugg boots deliver superior warmth and comfort thanks to their Thermofleece technology, which helps to regulate foot temperature at all times, so you can wear them all year around! No more will your boots be have to relegated to the closet after Winter.

I've worn these quite a bit recently as it's been a bit cooler. With the weird weather that we've been having here, it seems to get hotter as the day progresses yet my feet have not been too hot in these. I think our office has a climate of its own and we never know whether its going to be hot or cold. I can say my feet have been content regardless of the office temperature.


I love the style and colour. I received Classic Short Black in case you're wondering :)

The Whooga brand label on the heel is black so it won't be obviously dirty, like some boots can with the white labels.

Comfort & Fit

My Whooga boots are a lovely snug fit and they are incredibly comfortable, I can easily be on my feet all day in these. 


Mini, Short, Tall, Tall Metallic

6 available in each size option


365 days

Available from

What are your thoughts on ugg boots? Do you have a favourite brand? Will you be trying Whooga boots?

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  1. I have a pair of two year old cheap Primark Uggs, that I wear in the winter as slippers and whilst I can say that I'm a fan of the warmth, I've long been a hater of what I've always considered to be quite an ugly boot. I don't know why, I have just never liked the look of them.

    But, as the years have passed and the boots fail to go away, I've found myself warming (hoho) to them, and I do fancy a pair of the proper ones, because the cheap ones are just nasty.

    My problem is that they're just too expensive for my meagre budget, which is a shame because any kinda boot that fits into my price range will probably never offer the kind of warmth that I imagine from Uggs so I shall silently ARGH :P

  2. Woah two years haha? I'm lucky if mine last a month from there lol! I used to hate them too, but I slowly came around to them and I've lived in them every winter for the past 3 years or so! Aww bless! xx

  3. The only reason they've lasted so long is because I only wear them around the flat :) I really do wish I had a better pair for outside use :-/