Friday, 2 September 2011

Things I learned in August 2011


The end of another month. I personally love heading into Autumn, or Fall for those of you Stateside. My favourite time of the year, everything is so pretty!


01. There are some genuinely lovely men in the world :)

02. Graze boxes aren't just full of nuts. They actually look very scrumptious! I've signed up! (Click the link to get a special offer!)

03. A friend of mine told me today that she came across my blog. She was lovely about it. Hi Rach if you're reading :) Oh and best news of the day, I have the IMATS 2012 weekend off work. Hello hotel bookings. And Olly Murs tickets! I also learnt something that I'd suspected for a while. Confirmation = the close of a door.

04. I am slowly learning to put myself first instead of thinking about others far too much. Whatever will be, will be.

05. It's nice to be appreciated.

06. I am not a fan of family get togethers.

07. People are capable of anything

08. I need to be more organised. I am also so ashamed to be British today.
09. I hoard way too much product packaging!

10. I spent a fortune on Debenhams the other day, but I don't have buyer's remorse about a single thing. Flipping beauts ♥

11. Someone I only saw yesterday at work had a car crash. Thankfully she's fine apart from the broken collar bone. Just puts your life into perspective huh?

12. A third Bridget Jones film is being made! I am beyond excited! Hello Colin Firth ;) Not gonna lie, this made my week.

13. Days out with beauty bloggers are the absolute best thing ever!

14. I will buy pretty much anything and everything in Ikea. A knitted throw that looks like a jumper? *In the trolley it goes* I've also converted my parents to become Starbucks lovers. Hurrah! I'm also totally over over-thinking stuff. Whatever will be, will be. End of :)

15. Wine makes me sleepy.

16. People make me angry.
17. Some people never fail to amaze me. In a good way. Also leads to perhaps unnecessary questioning.

18. I shouldn't daydream at work. Especially not about you *distracted*

19. I really need to worry less about other people. It never does me any good.

20. I hate being talked down to like I have an IQ of one digit. It's rude, condescending and thoroughly unnecessary. Even more so when it's people you work with. Respect is a two way street!

21. Sundays always drag.

22. The brain is a very strange thing. And I think I'm allergic to plasters.

23. Sometimes, letting other people in on your concerns can be a positive thing.

24. I'm surprised that some people are unable to be objective.


25. Things don't have to be awkward if you act normally.

26. I'm already getting annoyed with our house guest.

27. Summer must be over. Hello torrential rain, wind and cold temperatures.

28. Cambridge isn't as exciting as I thought it would be.

29. The caramel cupcakes recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book are DELICIOUS

30. Apparently my actual employer cares. But not enough to pay me right.

31. I dislike being taken for granted.

How has August been for you?

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  1. what a great post this is!! Do you just ad a bit to it ever day then post it at the end of the month?

  2. I'm exactly the same in Ikea! I always buy things! And the new advert, which doesn't even say Ikea until the end, as soon as it came on I shouted 'Ikea' because I recognised their things. Clearly I spend way too much time in there hehe :) xx

  3. Safare - Thank you! Yes I do :) Or I'd forget everything haha xx

    ButterflyBoo - Hehe :) Same here! I never leave empty handed! Me too haha! I think we're addicted! xx

  4. I tried to make some cupcakes the other day after I saw and commented on yours on facey b. They were delish but I need to get the decorating art down!! They looked rubbish lol. Practice makes perfect though, right? :)

    Also, in reply to your comment on my lipstick post, I do agree with Ever Hip, when I first picked it up I was like...why does everyone rave about this?! But after about a week of use I was converted and now putting it with the Gaga II it is a firm fave : )


  5. Practice most definitely makes perfect!

    I do like Ever Hip, I'm just not as in love with it as I thought I'd be. I'll have to keep using it, maybe I'll fall in love with it eventually! xx