Monday, 12 September 2011

Speed Review: Glossybox

Hello lovelies

I thought I'd wait to give my two pence worth on GlossyBox until I'd had a few boxes. I've had four now so I think now is as good a time as any to give you an insight into the boxes I've received.

What's it all about?


For those of you not familiar with GlossyBox - where on earth have you been? - the concept is that you pay £10 per month to receive a box of 5 premium brand samples, with some of them being full sized products which means we're getting an amazing bargain. From this month, we now have to pay an added £2.95 in P&P fees. Sigh. Am I the only person that hates paying P&P? To be fair though £2.95 is nothing when you can be receiving £50+ worth of products.

How does it work?

Once registered on the GlossyBox website, you can complete your Beauty Profile so you can receive products you're interested in. You receive your GlossyBox in the second half of every month

You can review each item to receive GlossyDots which you can rack up until you have enough to claim a free box. Currently, one product survey rewards you with 20 GlossyDots and 1000 GlossyDots gets you a free box. So that's 50 products to review in 10 boxes before you receive a free box.

The GlossyBox

Ok so once a month, you get a box delivered to your door, first class recorded delivery no less! I'm super impressed by the packaging, even the outer box is gorgeous. The actual GlossyBox is a pale pink box containing 5 gift wrapped samples. You get a card explaining the idea of that particular month's box, and a breakdown of what's in your box on the reverse side.

Once you've undone the ribbon and tissue paper, you can see the products. 

May's GlossyBox

This was the first GlossyBox and the one that had everyone talking

NARS Orgasm Illuminator was a big hit for a lot of people, but it didn't work for me. Very nice to have been able to try it though as it was my first foray into the world of NARS, and it hasn't put me off.

The All For Eve lipstick was a source of contention for many, but I understand that GlossyBox did indeed donate to The Eve Appeal so they didn't lose out on the charitable profits of the lipstick. Again, unfortunately this lipstick is not for me. This did not deter me however from getting the next box.

Also in my box were a few skincare and haircare bits. The one product that stood out for me was the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Color Hold Rapid Repair Spray. It gives my hair a much needed conditioning boost on the go and is perfect to pop in my handbag, where it's been living for a few weeks now!

June's GlossyBox

This was the box that was a let down for some. I usually wouldn't say no to a mini Batiste, but I couldn't stand the smell of the original formula. The mini OPI DS polish was nice, but I have to confess, I've misplaced it. Whoops! I've tried BioEffect before so it was nice to have another sample of that. The perfume isn't one I'd usually go for but I was pleasantly surprised. I've got a ridiculous amount of body products and I'm sorry to say the O-Mega Body Buff is languishing in a drawer in my bathroom right now.

July's GlossyBox

I'm pleased to say, GlossyBox were right back on form with the July box!

 I received some Nouveau lashes, and a sample of Xen-Tan in dark, which I'm still too scared to try considering my skin has never encountered fake tan before! Have you tried this? If so, please let me know how you got on with it :)

I was sent an Illamasqua lipgloss, and a Ciate paint pot. I will confess I ended up swapping the gloss and polish with Terri but at least we got products we wanted in the end ;)

 I received Weleda's Pomegranate Body Oil, which despite the strong scent, I actually really like.

I think July's box was my favourite so far!

August's GlossyBox

I think the August box is a Marmite box. Love it or hate it. I wasn't wowed by it.

Rebel Nails - this design is vile. I'm sorry but it's not my cup of tea.

The Ahava body lotion smells amazing and it's a perfect travel sized item so it's coming on holiday with me. However I have no use whatsoever for an Acne cleanser, when I haven't indicated to GlossyBox that I have bad skin...

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara. Well, who doesn't need another mascara? I like it, but it's nothing special. I certainly wouldn't pay £14.85 for it which I do believe is the RRP.

Overall, I think whilst a good idea and good value for money, GlossyBox can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes there are great products, sometimes not so great. I also think it's down to personal preference though, and as I've mentioned, I've received products that I have no use for or have disliked, but then I can't expect to like everything. It's a great opportunity to try brands from the higher end of the market.  Providing GlossyBox keep this up, I'll be repurchasing :)

What are your thoughts on GlossyBox?

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  1. I was thinking of joining GlossyBox, but then I found out they don't send to Slovenia. *sigh* It looks interesting.

  2. Great post! I like that you waited to make your review.

    I'm waiting for my first Glossy Box -it seems like a great way to try new products, and finding what you do and don't like is all part of the experience.
    -I can't wait for mine to arrive now xx

  3. Thank you so much for doing this review - it's SO helpful! I've been seriously considering joining glossybox, and now i really want to! Do you know if you can cancel subscription at any time?
    Katie at

  4. Nihrida - Oh that's a shame xx

    Carrie - Thank you :) Let me know how you find it :) xx

    Katie - You're very welcome! Yes you can cancel at any time as far as I know xx