Friday, 11 November 2011

Bargain Central: Bella Pierre Wild Forest Green Shimmer Kit

Whilst I was on holiday back in September, I popped into TK Maxx in Carlisle. I had a rummage around the beauty section, as I always do when I pop in to any TK Maxx, to see if I could find any bargains. I was surprised to come across this beautiful kit from Bella Pierre!

Check out the price reduction! I paid 25% of the retail price. Kerching!

What's in the kit?

3 mineral pigment pots (2.35g), 1 make up base pot (8.5g), one shadow brush and a double ended liner brush

L-R: Discotheque, Forest, Reluctance

I did try to swatch them, honest, but I couldn't get them to photograph properly. Must try harder!

Make up Base

Makeup Lesson

The kit even comes with a make up lesson so you can try to recreate the look on the front of the box using all of the products in the kit which is super helpful if you want a bit of guidance or are a first time user of the brand.

Also in the box is some handy information about the pigments

It also tells you the pros of the kit and other uses. I know from previous experience that the pigments are multi-use products. Disappointingly, there were no instructions in this kit (perils of having it rifled through on TK Maxx's shelves?) although I can tell you that the combinations go like this:

Eyeliner - Pigment + Water or an agent like Illamasqua's Sealing Gel
Lip Gloss - Pigment + Vaseline or a clear gloss
Nail polish - Pigment + clear polish (check out MUA's clear polishes for £1 for this!)
Blusher - A light dusting over the cheeks (although not these green shades perhaps!)
Body Bronzer - Dust over your shoulders, arms and d├ęcolletage (although again, perhaps not green lol!)
Hair Highlighter - Pigment + clear mascara
Mascara - Pigment + your standard mascara or even a clear mascara

All in all, a pretty good kit don't you think? I probably wouldn't pay full price for one but I was hardly going to resist it for a value-licious tenner!

Are you a fan of Bella Pierre? Have you found any bargains in the TK Maxx beauty section recently?

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  1. Such a good find, love TK Maxx, found a limited addition OPI nail polish a few months ago. X

  2. Oo I shall definitely keep my eyes open for OPI polishes :D I should go bargain hunting there more often xx