Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Things I learnt in October 2011

Well hello November! Quite possibly my favourite month of the year :) October was interesting for so many different reasons. Here are my rambling lessons for the month...

001. Gary Barlow AND Robbie Williams? PHWOAR FACTOR.

002. They had curling irons in the early 1900s. Genuinely amazed.

003. The new system at work launched and was fairly hitch free. Astounded. Truly. In other news, I applied for my own job and got invited to an assessment. I'm on fire.

004. I need to do what makes me happy :)

005. I knew enjoying my job wouldn't last long. Remind me why I applied for it again?

006. I am a perfectionist. Cue staying up until 12:45 to perfect an application form...

007. Work can be hilarious sometimes.

008. Lady Gaga is a very intriguing person and never fails to surprise me!

009. Car salesmen are not all pushy vultures

010. I passed the assessment for my own job and now have an interview for it...

011. Opportunities are like buses. You wait ages for one and then three come along at once!

012. It is advisable to stand your ground. And don't be afraid to haggle.

013. I kind of regret applying for my own job. However really glad I've taken a chance on other opportunities, as they've paid off!

014. I now know how it feels to feel sick with worry :/

015. Sitting and doing absolutely nothing is actually quite relaxing

016. I don't miss the days of working to deadlines.

017. Never underestimate your boss' capability to be nice and understanding.

018. Actually, never underestimate anything your employer regarding anything. Especially when it results in being offered a job.

019. Its ok to treat yourself to sausage and chips.

020. When I want to be out of work on time at the end of my shift, you can guarantee I'll get the last irate caller of the day *facepalm*

021. I miss the fact that ATMs at my old uni give out £5 notes. Amused me greatly.

022. Renting apartments does not look cheap. Uhoh.

023. I do love going for a drive in the beautiful Autumn countryside

024. I can do early starts without feeling tired. Win :D

025. Getting shampoo in your eyes hurts. A lot.

026. Boots Christmas Points evenings are not as exciting as they make out.

027. The iPhone 4S is amazing!

028. I am bargain hunter extraordinare

029. Weekends at work, whilst sounding like a drag, are actually quite fun

030. I am quite addicted to Angry Birds and Santa's Rush on iPhone. Uhoh. I am app-solutely hooked. See what I did there? ;)

031. Illamasqua pigment mixed with Sealing Gel has amazing staying power!

How was October for you?

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  1. Shampoo in eyes is a killer!

    I'd love to try the Illamasqua pigment mixed with Sealing Gel!! xx

  2. Sounds like you were on a learning curve in October!

    I especially agree with 026! bahahaa! Not sure what I'm expecting but a glass of warm champagne isn't it, for a start I'm driving!! :D xx

  3. ButterflyBoo - It's terrible isn't it? You should totally try the Illamsqua pigment with Sealing Gel because it stayed put all day. Super impressed! xx

    The Pampered Sparrow - I certainly was :) Omg I know right? I was expecting to get like half of my Xmas shopping done. Oh no lol how silly! xx

  4. Number 20 - Happens to me ALL the time! Grr! Sounds like you had a lot of good job opportunities coming your way :) I hope that happens me this month, I am fed up! x

  5. It's a proper pain when that happens isn't it? I did indeed, it was a good month! Fingers crossed for you lovely! xx

  6. I love these posts :) wish i could do early mornings without feeling tired! xx

  7. Thank you :) I'm sure I'll live to regret saying that when it comes to going to work in the dark in December lol xx