Monday, 28 November 2011

Review: Ahava Purifying Mud Mask

In my quest for a face mask that I really like and isn't ridiculously messy has brought me to this Purifying Mud Mask from Ahava. I've been using this twice a week for almost a month so I thought it was time to let you in on my thoughts :)


Ahava say: A unique blend of natural Dead Sea mud and minerals, this gentle mask deeply clarifies and purifies your skin. It provides renewed freshness and a smoother complexion. Approved for sensitive skin. Allergy tested. SLS/SLES free. Paraben free. Not tested on animals.

I say: Having really liked the previous Ahava products that I've tried, I wasn't disappointed with this one. It does exactly what it says on the tube quickly and effectively. I'm a bit funny with face products because  sometimes I can find they irritate my skin, but I am pleased to report this mask is lovely and calming and I didn't experience any sensitivity or irritation.


Ahava say: Apply generously avoiding the eye area. Rinse after 2 minutes.

I say: I roughly use the amount of product as shown above and slather it all over my face and neck. I don't think this is strongly scented, it just smells a bit clay like (obviously!) but it's only on your face for two minutes anyway. The mask dries pretty quickly and although you can't really feel your face 'tighten' a lot like with some other masks - you know the ones I mean, smile and your face cracks ;) - if you smile you can feel the tightness but there's no cracking in sight! I think it feels really nice actually haha. Maybe I'm just weird. When it comes to removal, I find warm water and a muslin cloth work well together to leave you with fresh, smooth skin. Overall, a nice product but it was a bit messy to remove. However, I love that this only needs to be on your face for two minutes - perfect if you're in a rush to get ready!

'Scuse the dodgy face shot!

Price: £20.00
Size: 125g
Available from: Ahava

Product: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Price: 6/10
Overall: 8/10
Purchase: Nice product, but a bit pricey. One to pop on the Xmas list methinks :)

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  1. I don't think I could ever pay that much for it, but I do love Ahava products so I guess as long as it's worth the money, surely it's worth getting it as treat, or as you say, on the Christmas list.


  2. That's the thing, it's a fab product but I'm just a Scrooge when it comes to shelling out cash for stuff haha xx

  3. It sounds fab, but again, wouldn't pay that much for a face mask on my student budget! haha x

  4. I think it all comes down to budget these days doesn't it? I wouldn't have paid £20 when I was a student either but now I can afford to be a bit more choosy - saying that I'm still a Scrooge! xx

  5. Have you got any advice on face masks for senstive skin.?

    1. Hey Beth, I have sensitive skin, and I found this was absolutely fine, didn't irritate at all! I've reviewed a few face masks before - none of which have irritated me. Hope that's useful xx

  6. Im quite scared to try a face mask i dont want it to be raw or nothing,my skins that sensitive i have to use E45 :/ Im starting level 3 beauty thearpy and i need to find a eyelash tinting kit and mud face mask im trying to find them closest to sensitive skin and its not looking good lol

    1. Oh right I see. Might be best consulting a dermatologist then? I wouldn't want to tell you to try something and then it react badly on your skin, and unfortunately I'm not a skincare expert - I wish lol :) Aww, good luck! Let me know how you get on xx

  7. this is going to sound very silly but would you get in touch with the hospital for a consulation of a dermatologist,Thankyou,mabey you could follow my blog too? xx

    1. I'm not sure to be honest, but possibly. Maybe try your GP first? xx