Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday Summary

This week has been pretty darn good! Feeling so much better about things now everything seems to have fallen into place :)

♥ Quiet, relaxed weekends at work

♥ Angry Birds

♥ Halloween

♥ New job, new opportunities, new start :D

♥ Kit Kats & childhood memories - anyone else remember ZZZap?! Or Funhouse?

♥ Getting organised

♥ Funny workplace jokes


Listening to:
Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto



Christmas brochures

A few to follow:
001. Cosmetic Candy
002. Dainty Dresses
003. Daisy Bee Beauty


How has your week been?

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  1. I love reading Christmas catalogues too! xx

  2. I loved Zzzap! It was only a few days ago that I asked my Mum if she remembered it!

    Those flowers are gorgeous :)

    Tess x

  3. omg i like used to love zzzap iv got the video of it somewhere :) haha i used to love the intro haha :) xxx

  4. Paperbacks and Postcards - Hehe I love getting in the Christmas spirit a bit early :) xx

    Tess - Haha wasn't it awesome? Thanks - I got them for starting my new job! xx

    TuttyFruitie - Guilty pleasure! Same lol! xx

  5. Omg. Zapp. I think I just died x

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I can almost smell them! :)

    Loving young apprentice, those kids are crazy ambitious and pretty annoying but I'm compelled to watch! Aaghh!

    My current reading material is also christmas catalogues, along with a pen for ticking things I'd like!! :D xx

  7. Leanne - Haha I know right? xx

    The Pampered Sparrow - Thank you :) Young Apprentice is so funny the way they all think they're so brilliant. Haha I like your style! I need to get a bright red pen then leave said brochure strategically placed for others to spy my comprehensive ticking! xx

  8. aww thanks for mentioning me Kim! those flowers are lovely and good luck in the new job!
    I literally used to race home for ZZap! Daisy dares you - amazing xx