Friday, 10 September 2010

Dear e.l.f., please stop tempting me with your wares!

Hello crumpets :)

A few days ago, e.l.f. were offering shipping for £1 which is practically a third of the price that they usually charge. Figuring there wouldn't be free shipping for a while, I ordered, especially as they'd got some gorgeous new shimmer eye liner pencils in which had caught my eye over on Jasmine's blog. I needed some more brushes, so an order was quickly placed.

What did I get?
A second e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush (not pictured) as I loved the first one, and needed one to contour with and this is perfect for the job! See how I marked the packet so I didn't mix them up haha!

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow 'C' Brush
 I hadn't tried the Studio one and wanted to see the difference between this and my eye shadow brush from the normal range

e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush
 I was going to get another GOSH Round Shadow brush but I figured why bother when I can get this for almost half price?

3 Shimmer Eye Pencils
Top to bottom: Plum Passion, Teal & Gunmetal

Have you picked up anything from e.l.f. recently? Got any recommendations?

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  1. Im after some make-up brushes as i have a very sad collection and was thinking about trying Elfs studio range as they are great price and I have heard good reviews about them.
    enjoy :)

  2. Hey!

    i love ELF brushes, but only tried the 'cheaper' range ones. They are such good value! (must buy some more, I seemed to have lost my eyeshadow one :-()

    Will you do a review of the shimmer pencils please? i would be really interested to see what they are like!

  3. Hi! I haven't ever made an order for Elf yet, but I'm now going to... :P And I'm wondering what I should order. I think I atleast try the mineral foundation and some of those shimmer Eye Line Pencils, but I dont know wich ones to pick. So could please do swatches about yours? And do you think they are good btw? :) thanks! -Your follower from Finland<3

  4. Ohh lovely!
    What are the shimmer pencils like, thinking of getting some :) xx

  5. Sherrie - I'd definitely recommend the Studio range - all of the Studio brushes which I've tried are fabulous!! xx

    Kat - Hiya! Try the Studio Eye Shadow 'C' brush - it's brilliant and there's no stray bristles falling out unlike the the cheaper range. They feel softer too. I'll pop a review up in the next few days :)

    Chantele - They're brilliant, totally recommend them. I've not tried the teal one yet but I can't imagine it'll be any less fab than the other two! xx

    Shiny - Hi! Oo you'll get hooked ;P They're brilliant! Keep an eye out for my Swatch Sunday post which is going up on Sunday with swatches of the e.l.f. shimmer pencils :D Yes, they're fab! A review will follow shortly. If you want any product recommendations for e.l.f., please don't hesitate to drop me an email :) xx

    Hannah - They're fabulous!! I was surprised at how good they were for £1.50! xx

  6. The pencils look lovely, especially for the Christmas season :)

  7. Oo yes they're fabby for the upcoming Christmas season :D xx

  8. I really like the Eyeshadow C Brush! :) Oh I want the teal eyeliner, but it's already out of stock!!

  9. Isn't it lovely? Aww. I've got it on today and it's definitely more green than teal!! It's perfect for Christmas though like Ellie suggested :) xx

  10. I hope they'll bring it back before Christmas, I really want it!! :D

  11. They're having a delivery real soon apparently :D xx

  12. Yeah I know, but I don't think that the stuff that elf recently launched will be included in this delivery! :(

  13. You know something that I don't know?? :p lol

  14. Haha no, but they often have mini deliveries too, and they're bound to stock up before Xmas too! xx