Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesday Wants

Hello possums :)

Nothing much has been tickling my fancy lately but over the last week or so, quite a few things have caught my eye. My bank balance is going to hate me. But alas, here they are:

H&M Colourful Owl Necklace - £6.99

e.l.f.'s new Autumn polishes - £1.50 each

A leopard print scarf. I haven't seen any I like so far. Do you have any recommendations? Preferably cheap and cheerful?

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  1. ohhhh! LOVE that owl necklace, I never wear gold-tone jewellery as I think it will clash with my steel ear tunnels =0/

    omg when do the ELF polishes go on sale? x

  2. New look have some leopard print scarves, but only a couple I think :)

    Daisy x :)

  3. Quirky owl, i love it !

    I have found some twists on leopard print scarf.



    Rachelle Xxx

  4. oo that necklace is so cute :)
    great post x

  5. Karleigh - Isn't it cute? They're available now :D xx

    *Daisy Loves - Thanks, I'll check them out! xx

    Rachelle - Thank you :D xx

    R May A - I love it, I really want it :D Thanks! xx