Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lip Product Storage

Hello possums :)

After seeing quite a few inspirational photos from bloggers and Tumblr, I had a brainwave. It hit me at approximately 3:30am one morning last week. So I decided to sort out my make up storage. As you do...

I mentioned a few months back that I'd bought some new make up storage, but since then I've moved home from university, and bought more and more products, which resulted in my stash overflowing. I realised that my lipsticks were just lying hidden beneath a mass of mascaras, eye liners, lip liners and lipglosses, so I decided to do something about it.

"But what did you do?" I hear you ask. Well, I upcycled of course!

This is a container for a Just Pink gift set from Next that I received as a gift years ago. I knew it would come in handy for something!

This way, the majority of my lipsticks are on my desk, so I can pick which I want to use which will hopefully stop me forgetting some of the gems I have in my collection.

How do you store your lip products? Do you upcycle? Inspire me :D

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  1. Great idea! I use a plastic storage container from Ikea. It holds everything! :) x

  2. I use a similar container to your Next one in red to store all my tampons and towels in! It can sit in the bathroom without looking too awful! My BF says that when it is moved from from the top of the bathroom cupboard onto the window ledge that he knows it's red-alert time!!!

    I like to find uses for gift boxes, as they're too pretty and useful to throw away.

  3. Olivia - Thanks :) I could do with some more storage but haven't gotten around to going to Ikea yet. I must go! xx

    Beauty Addict - Thanks :) That's a good idea. I figured if they were on show, I'd make more use of them lol xx

    TheBristolBeautyBlog - That's a good idea! Yeah same, upcycling is the way forward! xx

  4. ooh i like! i keep all of my makeup in one of those small plastic drawer things and they're all in the last one :)

  5. Thanks :) Oh same, but mine was overflowing!! xx

  6. Oh that looks neat! :) I keep mine in a big gift box that has 4 different sections, I've posted about it on my blog! :) I call it "my lipgloss tower" lol

  7. Thanks :) Oo that's a great idea! xx

  8. Ill do a storage post soon enough but I keep it in those plastic drawers- pretty boring and not pretty haha xxxxx

    xoxo stay fabulous

  9. Same haha I only put my lip products in this because my drawers were overflowing! xx