Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rainbow Blue My Mind

Hello petals :)

I feel like I haven't done an NOTD in agggges, so here's my latest. 

Products used
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Blue My Mind
GOSH Rainbow

What do you think? 

I feel like I've lost my nail art mojo at the mo, but I've got loads of inspiration pics so hopefully I'll get around to doing some funky NOTDs soon. And now my nails are at an appropriate length, I'll try out the smARTnails stuff I won from Leanne. I'm on a nail art mission. Stay tuned :D

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  1. Yaaay for smART nails! Can't wait to see :)
    Gah this is sexy. I haven't used Rainbow in ages, feel the need to now! xo

  2. Hehe :D I almost forgot I had them til I had a rummage through my stuff! I hadn't either until the other day. Forgot how annoying it was to remove though *facepalm* xx

  3. This looks fantastic, I have Rainbow and haven't worn it in ages so I'll have to dig out a dark blue to try it over. Thanks for the post xx

  4. Thanks :) You're welcome xx

  5. Oh I love the rainbow effect! very pretty xx

  6. bloody NORA!! this mani blows my mind away, i always luuurve a bitta rainbow flakies <3 gorgeous nails kimmypops!! :D xxxx