Saturday, 11 September 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello cupcakes :)

It's been a pretty non-eventful week in my world this week. I hope you guys had lots more fun!

* My Cherry Culture order arriving :D
* Getting some bargains with my No7 vouchers
* Making money on eBay... only to spend approximately a third of it on Cherry Culture haha!
* e.l.f. Shimmer Eye Pencils

* Rude people. There's such a thing as etiquette when having conversations you know
* The Post Office only taking cash for stationery?! What's with that?!
* Crowds of people and stupid shoppers. Move out of the way if you're going to have a conversation.
* My Avon lady never turning up when she said she would. I want my make up!

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  1. I also hate crowds of shoppers who stop in the middle of the street to chat, especially on Oxford Street. It's busy enough without people stopping right in the middle!


  2. Omg yes I found that when I was in London! xx

  3. Do we get to see the e.l.f shimmer eye pencils on you for a FOTD ?

    You choice of pencils are fab btw !

    Rachelle Xxx