Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wednesday Wants

Morning ladies :)

I'm off shopping today - hurrah! Hopefully going to stock up on some wintery wardrobe items to keep me warm and toasty over the next few months. Here are some items I've recently been lusting over:

Nail Polish
Nails Inc sent me their sale email yesterday. 
I'm uber tempted by the Kings of Neon Collection as it's now just £12!

I'm looking for something to help tidy up my manicures with. Any suggestions? 
The brushes I have just aren't cutting the mustard!

A netbook
My laptop is refusing to work at the moment so I'm thinking about getting a netbook. 
And there's £50 trade in at PC World. Music to my ears!

Has anyone got any netbook recommendations or advice?

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. i need a new winter wardrobe :( it's getting so cold all of a sudden x

  2. I have the Samsung NC10- which I think has been replaced with a newer model now- and I love it, the keyboard's a great size, it's super fast and it makes very little noise and heat. In fact I love just about everything about it. The only downside is having to use a CD drive but they cost about £30 and it's not too much of a hassle :)

    Make sure you're happy with the keyboard size, have a little type on it, and the trackpad size too. x

  3. Sarah - Winter has made an early appearance methinks! xx

    Rachel - Thanks for the advice!! xx

  4. soooo close to ordering kings of neon!