Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cosmetics Storage

Hi hi :)

Now I've got some decent storage for all of my stuff, I thought I'd show you how I store my make up, nail polish and skin care products. I can't believe I managed to get most of this into 1 drawer before haha!

Top drawer
This is where I store most of my make up - we've got everything: primers, foundation, concealer, eye shadow bases, eye shadows, pigments, blushers, bronzers, eye liners, mascaras, lipsticks, lipglosses, the trusty vaseline etc etc

Middle Drawer
This is where I store the bulky stuff, so we've got palettes, make up wipes, powders and highlighters. Haha the denture tablets (for removing nail polish stains) which wouldn't fit in the bottom drawer

Bottom Drawer
This is where I store everything nail related - so we've got polish, buffers, brushes, nail art bits and bobs and my dotting tools

Skincare and miscellaneous bits and bobs
This is my top desk drawer which has got most of my skin care stuff with the odd make up and nail related item in there too!

Phew, that's it! How do you store your cosmetics?
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  1. love this post will have to do one on my page.


  2. Love this post will have to do one on my page.


  3. I have no idea why but I actually love looking at other peoples storage, haha. I spy the pigments I sent you! ;D
    You've reminded me to do a nail polish storage post, thank you!

  4. well my collection is smaller than yours and all fits nicely in a draw at uni. I love little patterned bags like that ted baker bag [I have it too ] so i separate nails, makeup, hairstuff into little bags. I wish my collection was as big as yours!!!


  5. well organised :) i need to get mine sorted it is not organised whatsoever lol!

  6. Thinkpinkpeople - Can't wait to see :) xx

    Leanne - Ha same! We're just a couple of nosy old sods ;P Haha yes you do :D Hehe no worries :) xx

    xladx - Hehe lucky you having it fit in one drawer! Bags are handy but I like to see my collection or I tend to forget half of it exists lol xx

  7. Love those drawers- where are they from?? Cant find any deep enough for polish to stand

  8. Hey Rebekah, they're from Wilkinsons and they cost just under £15 :) All of my polishes stand in it except for the Boots No 7 range xx