Thursday, 27 May 2010

A question for you

Hi de hi :)

Ok, I'm bored of my current foundation - L'Oreal Matte Morphose. I know I was proclaiming my love for it a couple of months ago, but I'm fickle like that. I want to try something new, and as it's summer I'd like something a bit lighter. I know most people would go for a mineral foundation in summer but my skin is being ridiculously annoying at the moment, so I'm looking for a liquid one first. But I have no clue where to start!

I'm looking for a hight street product, something roughly around the £10 mark, but preferably under, that has good coverage but isn't too heavy, and that has a good staying power. I really wanted to try Revlon Colourstay - what say ye?

I have to say I don't like Rimmel foundations, or L'Oreal liquid foundations as I find both make me look orange. And I go for ivory in most foundations. Yeah, yuck.

So my questions to you lovely ladies are:

Which liquid foundation would you recommend for summer?
Which mineral foundation would you recommend for summer?
Which foundation is your overall favourite, regardless of the time of year?

Any help would be muchos appreciated :)
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  1. I love Revlon Colorstay. And PhotoReady is growing on me too! Revlon definitely do my favourite foundations, but I'm tempted to say that ColorStay might be a little bit heavy for summer (unless you apply with a damp sponge which I tend to do anyway to avoid it being too heavy). If you want a mineral foundation for summer, I'd definitely recommend Lily Lolo :) xo

  2. Well I haven't found for HG fondation or anything but I would say stay clear of the no 7 foundations. I've had a couple (the £5 till spit makes everything more tempting) and I find them difficult to say the least. Although their lightest shade is a good shade match on me so that's something. My favourite formula is a clinique one (Gentle Light Makeup I think) but the lightest shade is too orange on me.

    I'm using Colourstay at the moment and it's OK, but I don't love it and I doubt I'll buy it again. It's got a good range of shades though at the lighter end of the spectrum so it might be worth a try for you. I can't put my finger on why it's not really doing it for me, sorry if that's not much help!

  3. my current fav if Benefit Hello Flawless, it is amazing. It is a powder and I apply with a flat topped brush and you only need the smallest amount. It goes on like a dream, blends to perfection and leaves my skin like silk, I never feel its there,it is so light and I am loving it.

  4. I know you're not lovin' L'Oreal but I'm super pale and L'Oreal True Match is N1 is my perfect shade and I think it gives good coverage. Revlon colourstay is supposed to be amazing though, I'm dying to try it!


  5. I can't comment on liquid foundation as I got incredibly frustrated when I last looked as nothing matched my uber paleness.

    But mineral make up I would wholeheartedly recommend Everyday Minerals. The jars are perfect, they have a plastic bit you can move over the sifter so you don't open it to find huge amounts of powder in the lid, and you can have lighter or heavier coverage by adding more layers of it, or adding concealer too. With an ELF kabuki brush and something like Body Shop's vitamin E spray it looks fab :) xx

  6. I have used L'Oreal true match liquid foundation for years & love it. It lasts for hours and they have a great selection of colours. xx

  7. Hey hun im a clinique fan but when i run out and dont have time to get some more i rely on Loreal True Match liquid foundation. Its brilliant and its a really good coverage, the other day i did my face one half clinique and the other true match and i couldnt tell the difference neither could my boyfriend. I really recomend it.

    Hope you find one xx

  8. Hi lovely, I always end up going back to Revlon Colourstay as it's the best colour match for me and I really like the texture. It is pretty much medium to full coverage though. Now that summer's here I've been mixing some with my moisturiser to make a tinted moisturiser and applied it all over, then going back with just the regular foundation and building up coverage in the areas that need it.
    I really like Maxfactor Second Skin foundation too, I've been through 3 bottles of it. It's a lot runnier in consistensy to colourstay and the coverage is a bit lighter - and the colour match is very good :)
    My favourite foundation from Maybelline is the dream satin liquid - if you're very pale like me though sometimes the colours can be a bit off. I prefer this in summer when I'm half a shade darker as it suits me perfectly.
    I generally have never liked any mineral foundations I've tried, I just don't like how they look on my dry skin, I feel a liquid foundation looks more flattering.
    I hope that was some help!

  9. Liquid Foundation: Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral
    Mineral Foundation: Body Shop's Nature's Minerals Foundation
    Overall - I switch between foundation too often to tell! Probably Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral or Nars Balanced Foundation. I also love the Topshop skin tint too but I tend to use foundation for evening my skin tone rather than giving full coverage so I don't know how much use this will be! They're all fab foundations though, that leave a lovely light finish.

  10. hey hun, I use 2 different maybelline ones, depending on what mood I'm in: the liquid mineral in 010, and the satin one (i can't remember the name, but it's in your photo on the bottomish right) in 008. They're both for pale faces and blend nicely with a foundation brush. I'm too poor to move above the £10 for foundation at the moment, otherwise I'd be all over NARS and MAC! hxx

  11. I'm still "on a quest" to find my HG foundation. Currently I use mineral powders from different brands (baggie samples rock! sometimes lol).

    I have Revlon Colourstay. Honestly, I still don't understand all this hype. The coverage is pretty ok - medium to heavy. It's the consistency what frustrates me the most - too runny at first but dries before you even touch it with your fingers/sponge. And definitely not for summer. Not for me at least. :) And it's 16 EUR here. Such a waste, duh!

  12. Leanne - I'm waiting for a bottle of Colorstay to arrive, so I'll let you know how I get on :) I loved the colour of PhotoReady when I swatched it instore but the glitteryness kind of put me off a bit. Ah ok I'll give that a try when mine arrives then. Jennie's a big fan of Lily Lolo too isn't she? I'll have a peek at their site xx

    Roz - Thanks for the heads up about No 7. Eek can't afford Clinique. One day haha! Thanks for the help xx

    BabyD - I'll have to take a look when I'm next near a Benefit counter. Thanks xx

    May - Yeah I used to use L'Oreal True Match. Good coverage but wasn't keen on the colour really. Although I did love the scent of the Infallible version!! xx

    Rachel - Oo thanks, I'll check it out :) xx

    Lauren - Thanks. I'm not overly keen on it but saying that the last time I used it I was about 17! xx

    Thinkpinkpeople - Sounds like you've found a great dupe there :) Thanks xx

    Rachel - Oh that's a good idea :) I'll try that out when mine arrives. Thanks for all your recommendations lovely xx

    Stephanie - Thanks for your recommendations :D xx

    Heather - I have wanted to try Maybelline for a while as I've seen them get great reviews on the old YouTube :) Haha me too. One day when we're rich legal eagles eh? xx

    HeavenNRJ - I might have to try this sample ordering malarky :D Oh gosh glad I didn't spend a fortune on Colorstay then! xx

  13. I do love lily lolo but i'm definitely on the look out for a liquid foundation too. i'm craving a dewy finish!

    someone recommended bourjois healthy mix to me just now. i have the 10 hour sleep effect and the lightest colour is just about pale enough for me so hopefully healthy mix will have a decent colour range too!

    I'm so glad you did this post, it's been super useful!


  14. That's exactly what I'm after for summer :) I've heard mixed reviews on Healthy Mix so not sure whether to try it or not. I need a good swatching session in Boots & Superdrug :) No problem, glad it helped! xx