Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tribal NOTD

Hello dolls :)

I was looking for some nail inspiration yesterday and I stumbled across my nail art inspiration folder and some forgotten gems. In particular this one from Emerald Sparkled.

I attempted to recreate it freehand and came up with this:

I know it's not perfect, but not a bad try I reckon :)

Products used:
Barry M 3-in-1 base coat and top coat
George @ Asda White Polish
GOSH Cappucino
Nails Inc London Nights
Nails Inc Belgravia
Avon Topaz
Nail Art brushes
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  1. gorgeousss! :) I bet it took you ages to do them!! :o


  2. This is bloody incredible. The colours go so well together. I wish I was that talented with nail art! Hxx

  3. Oooh you did an amazing job at recreating that stamp from M78! This is seriously cool :) xo

  4. That looks awesome!barry M nail varnish is the best,it lasts for months

  5. Woah lady. You have some mad skills! Lol. You must have the patience of a saint. I love it! Jealous :) x

  6. I saw that on ES blog too and loved it. That is a great mani dupe! ;o)

    I can't get over your insane talent! Love them

  8. Oh wow!
    They're amazing!
    how old did that take you?!?!?

  9. Good job on that :)
    Miles better than anything I could do, Im sure xx

  10. Wow guys thanks for all your comments!! Made my day xx

    Keeley - Thank you :) It did lol! xx

    Heather - Aww wow thanks :) xx

    Charlie - Thanks xx

    Leanne - Thanks :) Would have been better if those stupid brushes I bought were better quality lol. Need some striper pens xx

    itsalovelycake - Thank you :) Barry M is awesome :D xx

    Lenny - Aww thanks lol :) Ha it took me a while but got there in the end xx

    BabyD - Thanks xx

    MissDollyGal - Aww thanks :) xx

    R May A - Thank you!! Couple of hours I think xx

    Sylves - Thanks :) If you put your mind to it you can do it :D Give it a try xx