Thursday, 13 May 2010

Review: N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder

Hello :)

I saw Charley mention this product in her March Favourites post, and she said that it was more of a setting powder than a coloured powder. Considering I was on the lookout for such a product and N.Y.C. are a budget brand, I figured it couldn't hurt to pick one up. To see what I thought, read on :)


What N.Y.C. sayNYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder sets your makeup without looking powdery or dry. Your result: A perfect makeup application every time! Controls shine with its naturally oil-absorbing ingredients without clogging pores.

What I say: I agree with this. With it being translucent, it doesn't affect the colour of foundation if you're wearing any before you apply this. It controls shine pretty much all day too which is really good :)


Beneath the label is a sifter

Comes with a powder puff

What N.Y.C. say: Place puff in container and close package. Invert package and shake gently. Tap excess powder from puff then apply.

What I say: Whatever you do, do not follow those stupid instructions. I did, and got a ridiculous amount of poweder in the lid. Way too much. I could have applied it to about 10 people. I wasn't even going to try the powder puff. I had images of cakeyness going on. Yuck. So I take the lid off, turn the pot 90 degrees keeping it over the lid, and then gently tap it to get a little product into the lid. Voila. Then I used an e.l.f. Total Face Brush to apply, just sweeping a little over my face to set my foundation.

Price: £2.59 I think
Size: 15g
Available from: Superdrug and

Product: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Repurchase: Maybe

Have you tried this? Or got any recommendations for a similar product?
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  1. is the colour white like most translucent powders ?

  2. Not in the container but it doesn't look like you've added a colour powder once applied :) x

  3. I haven't tried it, but get on well with NYC face makeup in general; one of the few brands that does super pale! I might invest in this as I do need a new powder.

  4. I was surprised at how light this powder was. It's great as a finishing powder for foundation :) xx