Monday, 3 May 2010

Have you red my fortune cookie?

Hi hi :)

Ha see what I did there ;P

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
One coat - no flash

One coat - flash

Two coats + top coat - no flash

Two coats + top coat - flash

The flash sort of distorts the colour a bit. It brings out the orangeness of it. I'd definitely say this is a orange-red shade. It's very wearable. I never wear red polish because I've always thought it looked a bit OTT. But this is my perfect red shade. Love it. On the hunt for a full sized bottle now :)

See Nic... obsession started :p

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  1. I love red nail varnish and this is lovely and bright!

  2. Jennie - It is :D xx

    Daisymay - I think this has sparked a new favourite colour for me :D xx

  3. Wow! You're nails are so long! I never realised how long they were until I saw the VNL in the first pic.

    I don't have a red nail polish yet. This one looks fab on you.

  4. Lolita - The VNL is exactly why I needed a second coat, but I wanted to show that people with short nails could easily rock one coat of this polish. I totally recommend this one, it's so wearable and is great to apply :) Thanks xx

  5. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me- very nice!

  6. Hehe it's gorgeous isn't it? xx

  7. Ahhhh it really is rather pretty! Is that one your favorite out the four? The obsession truly has began :D xxx

  8. Omg Nic it's GORGEOUS, you simply must get your mitts on it :D It sure is!! Loving the top coat too! xxx