Monday, 24 May 2010

A little spot of shopping

Hi hi dears :)

I popped into town on Friday afternoon as the arrival of summer prompted the purchase of some new sandals :D Yay! I'd had my eye on some since seeing Jo's post a few days ago.

Luckily I tracked down said beautiful sandals in Evans - I nabbed the last pair wahey :D These beauties are £25 which I thought was pretty good. I had a birthday voucher to spend and I figured this was a good a thing as any to spend it on, so these cost me £4. Bargain :D

They're a great fit and so comfy :D

I also popped into Superdrug because I wanted to pick up some more MUA lippies. I picked up another Shade 7 so I have a back up, and then I got Shade 6:


*no flash*

A gorgeous pinky shade I think :) 
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  1. Gorgeous sandals! I keep meaning to pick up some more MUA too!


  2. Olivia - Thanks :) xx

    May - Thanks :) Hehe I definitely want to get some more from the range when I have a few more pennies :D xx

  3. ooooo i like that lipstick, *must resist* wait it's only a £1 right? :):)


  4. Haha yes, £1, go go go!! :D xx