Monday, 3 May 2010

Musical Monday!

Hi de hi!

I just had to rave about a couple of recent purchases. Of the musical variety. What am I talking about?

Simple Times by Joshua Radin

I remember first hearing I'd Rather Be With You a couple of months back on Scott Mills' show on Radio 1. I loved it. When I found the album on Spotify a couple of weeks ago, I listened to it non-stop. I had to have it so I picked it up in HMV last week. 

I absolutely love this album. It's great for listening to when you're relaxing and it totally suits the current weather! There isn't a track that I dislike on the album, and that's a rarity for me to say that!

If you haven't heard any of Joshua Radin's music - a) where on earth have you been? and b) get yourself on to Spotify now. Or you can buy the album for under £6 on Amazon, £6.99 on iTunes or £7.99 instore at HMV. Go, go, go. If you buy the physical copy, you can get access to 3 bonus tracks via his UK website. Simple Times is the first CD I've purchased in over a year. I loved it that much. And a thumbs up to him for not using the traditional plastic casing. The CD is housed in card. How environmentally friendly :)

Glee Cast: Power Of Madonna

Yes, I'm a Gleek!! If you saw the new episode last Monday on E4, then you'll know that the Glee Cast doing Madonna songs was just TV gold!

I bought this as an MP3 download on Amazon as it was on offer for the one night only at £2.99. Kerching! The physical copies retail for £4.85 on Amazon (or at least they did when I bought this straight after Glee!!). It's also the cheapest price online. Invisible Hand tells me so :)

Whack the CD in your car stereo, put the windows down, turn the volume up and drive! That's my plan this summer when I get home and get my hands on the car! So to those going with me to Jimmy Carr - I hope you like Glee!

Madonna - Celebration

I went all Amazon happy when I ordered Glee and I ordered this for myself too haha! It's brilliant, featuring all of Madonna's best hits :D

Turn it up and dance around your room!!
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