Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Comic Strip NOTD

Hi kids :)

I was looking on We Heart It yesterday and came across this great piece of nail art:

Image Credit: We Heart It

So last night I decided to attempt to recreate it

Products used:
Nails Inc In Style Beach (little fingers)
Barry M Bright Yellow #134 (ring fingers)
No 7 Berrylicious (middle fingers)
Barry M Turquoise #295 (index fingers)
GOSH Wild Lilac #571 (thumbs)
George @ Asda Natural White (speech bubbles and polka dots)
Nails Inc London Nights (speech bubble outline & words/symbols)
Nail brush (from a set of 12 Fraulein 38 brushes I bought from eBay)
Dotting tool (from a set of 5 I bought from eBay)

It wasn't easy, and it took ages and drove me crazy but I got there in the end! It was insanely hard to do my right hand haha. Needless to say it didn't look as good as my left but not bad. I need to invest in a black nail art pen so that I can do this kind of stuff more easily. Oh and beg someone to do my right hand haha!
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  1. They are so cute!!! You must have a very steady hand to do nails like that - wish I did! xx

  2. Thanks Emma :) Ha you should have seen my hand - it was shaking! xx

  3. Oh my worrrd this is mental! Haha you've gotta stop this Kim, you keep putting me to shame ;P
    Seriously though this is so cool :D xo

  4. I knew you'd like it ;) Thanks xx

  5. haha I love them! I love all the colours you used too :)

  6. OMG those are awesome! I could never manage to do that myself. I can imagine how hard the other hand would be.

  7. Thanks :) It was soo hard to do my right hand! Turned out pretty well though xx

  8. They are brilliant :) mega jealous!

  9. That is such a cute nail design! Very creative! :)

  10. This looks amazing, you have more patience than I do!!

  11. This is so cool, I wouldn't have the patience!


  12. Holy frik those are amazing! I wish I a) had nails to paint, b) time/patience to do this! Oh yeah and even one creative bone. Seriously, very, very cool xx

  13. soooo adorable!!! <3 im totally going to have to try this!