Saturday, 22 May 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hellooo my lovelies :)

I hope you've all had a great week and have been enjoying this gorgeous weather!!

* The weather <3
* Getting compliments on my current mani
* Getting lots of new followers this week - hello my dears :) I hope you're enjoying Dottie K!
* My new sandals I picked up for £4!
* Getting lots of hits on the site :)

* Not being able to sleep
* Planning graduation - or not due to a lack of funds :(
* Lack of nail art inspiration - if you have some ideas let me know here :)
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  1. Ooh, sandals for £4. What a bargain!
    Graduation is such an expensive day, it's ridiculous. Mine was last June and it was one of the most stressful days of my life lol.
    As for nail art, I recently saw a post where the blogger had used black polish with multicoloured pastel dots on top. It looked great.

  2. Hehe they were £4 thanks to a gift voucher I had :D Graduation appears to be stressing everyone out :( That sounds like Leanne's blog - I've seen it :D xx