Sunday, 9 May 2010

A few purchases :)

Hiya :)

I thought I'd show you some of the fabby things I've bought lately :) Yay for money!


*Writes this post from atop the bandwagon* I finally ordered from Eyeko after seeing lots of people raving about the new polishes that had just come out. Here's what I got:

As I entered an Ambassador code, I was sent this for free:

*no flash*



Cuticle Balm
Thought it was about time I gave them some TLC :)


Another free shipping opportunity and a free gift? This kid couldn't say no!

I finally got this as it was in stock for a change!

Brush Shampoo
My brushes need TLC too!

Needed to spend £10 so this nicely took me over the offer limit :)

Free gift:
I already have Pink Kiss but never mind!

New Look

I nipped into town with a friend on Friday and we got talking about sunglasses, then next thing we know, we ended up in New Look. I found some awesome shades (£5) then I saw this adorable floral bag (£8) and matching purse (£5). I used my student discount and as it's currently 20% off, this little lot came to £14.40. Awesome :D Who said unnecessary post exam shopping would be expensive? ;P

Check out the awesome detail:
I feel these are big yet cool haha

Aimee & I both ended up buying the same pair of shades haha. She persuaded me (not that it took much haha) to go to Revs and we drank a pitcher between us then got the bus. Cue tipsy shade wearing, bus driver alarming antics hahaha. A good day :D
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  1. Oooh yay for the ELF HD powder, you'll love it! I got it recently too :) makes your skin sooo silky. But you definitely need to pat it on with the puff rather than apply normally with a brush!
    And yay for Eyeko polishes, Vintage is sooo gorgeous :D

  2. same here... i cannot resist the free gift from elf too and ordered an order which i dont really plan to. ;-P

  3. Leanne - Haha I thought I'd just end up with white patches using the puff so I opted for a brush. Took a while but it worked. I might need to experiment with the puff more! All of the Eyeko polishes are lush :D xx

    Kyanvi - Hehe what are we like? xx

  4. omgosh, that purse is adorable!! :)

  5. I know right? I saw it and was like "It's got to be mine!" :D xx

  6. love stuff hun! i love vintage and purple too

  7. Thanks :) I can't wait to try them out xx