Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fancy a tiny takeout?

Hello lovelies

The lovely Nicola announced the winners of her Dust It giveaway last week, and I won the bonus prize! I was uber excited as the bonus prize was a set of OPI Tiny Takeouts! Within a couple of days I had these beauties in my mitts.

As you can see, whilst I was at it, I swatched my Nails Inc InStyle Beach

And looky what we have here... a dupe?
Pretty close in my opinion! And I know I chose to swatch on the two fingers furthest apart haha. Fail. That is one coat of OPI and one coat of Nails Inc, but the Nails Inc polish is a thicker consistency. I think two coats of OPI would have provided a closer match :)

First impressions of the OPIs?
Zomg AMAZING I love them! Great application and amazing colours!! Nic... I know you said you weren't responsible for starting an obsession... but... I kinda think you are :p Haha loves xx
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  1. Looovely! The only one I picked up from the Hong Kong collection was Jade is the New Black, now I wish I'd gotten Dim Sum Plum too, looks lush! Those little bottles are so cute :) xo

  2. I think I need to have a look at the others :) Hehe they are I love them :D xx

  3. Those two reds really are so close that there wouldn't be any point owning both.

  4. I think the Nails Inc one is slightly more coral toned but yes as they appear to be dupes you don't need both

  5. It's a lovely shade :)

  6. I want dim sum plum! Still haven't went and bought myself this yet! <3 xxx