Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunday Shopping & FOTD

Hiya :)

Having nothing to do now my degree is over means that I can go shopping without feeling guilty that I should be working. Yay! I needed to return a faulty necklace to Primark so I popped into the city centre to take it back and thought I'd have a quick look at the MUA range in Superdrug and to see the Models Own stand in Boots. Although no such stand existed, despite the Models Own website saying it did. Ah well. Maybe next time. Anywho, here's what I ended up getting!


Having found no Models Own stand in sight, I headed over to the No 7 counter to find something to get with my No 7 voucher. I didn't want to spend a fortune, so I got a nail polish. Is it just me, or is the No 7 polish range a bit boring? Anywho, I picked up this beauty:

And some conditioner to tame my frizzy locks
Yet again, Boots had sold out of James Brown's new hair care range. Rubbish! I want the conditioner!


Luckily Customer Services is located on the same floor as the shoes, which I always forget to check out. I had a nosey and found out something new! Primark now do wide fitting shoes in UK sizes 3-9! Brilliant! I never used to buy shoes in Primark because I always found them too narrow. But today I spotted a gorgeous pair that were a steal at £12:


As I was stuck in doing revision when the MUA range launched, yesterday was my first chance to have a look at it. I was a bit disappointed; there were less products than I thought there would be. Regardless, I had a good look at what was there, and this is what I got:

I've been looking for a highlight colour and this looks like it'll fit the bill perfectly:
Shade 2 - Pearl

I also picked up what I thought was a bronzer, got it home and realised it was a pressed powder. And it was shimmery and not matte. Rubbish! At least it was only a quid!
Shade 1

I think I've just joined the hundreds of other bloggers that picked up this polish haha
Shade 12

If you're following me on Twitter, you'll know that I swatched a tester lippie, picked up the corresponding packaged product, got it home and found it was a different shade. Superdrug, you need to keep the shade numbers on your testers!!
Shade 7 - love the packaging :)

I'd call this pink. Wouldn't you?

Swatch with flash

Swatch with no flash
Yeah, definitely NOT pink...

And a FOTD with me wearing said lippie:
It's definitely more salmon/coral but I have to say I do rather like it and it's staying power is pretty darn good. It's been on for 4 and a half hours and has survived tea drinking, a biscuit, and water drinking. If this was MAC's Angel, it would be off after the first cuppa. I like. I think I may go back and purchase every other colour haha :D

And my last item:
I assure you at age 21 I do not have dentures lol! Or maybe I'm like 70 and just didn't age ;P
The real reason for this purchase, was for my nails. No, really. I saw this post from Snowdrop85 and just had to try it out!

Also, for the GOSH fans out there, I noticed whilst I was in Superdrug that the new GOSH Spring/Summer items are out. But those illusive eye primers are still AWOL from the stands. Hmm.


Phew. That's it. I rewarded myself with a hot chocolate and a strawberry cupcake in Costa Coffee :) Have you been shopping this weekend?
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  1. Those shoes from Primark are gorgeous, I now wish I had looked at the shoe department when I was there at the weekend.
    I'm not too fond of the No7 nail polishes, but that colour looks pretty :).

  2. I nearly always forget to go up to the top floor where the shoes are. I'll have to visit a lot more now :D x

  3. Haha, I must admit I find No7 a bit boring ;) The polish you picked up is lovely though! Gorgeous colour :)I must admit they do have nice nail polishes.
    I sort-of unintentionally went shopping this weekend, I went to return 1 thing and ended up picking up a few bits! I went to Primark too, they've got some nice cheap summer jewellery in at the moment xx

  4. Hehe its easy to get distracted by pretty things in Primark! xx

  5. I love that Primark have started doing wide fit shoes, my feet are happy!

  6. Finally a place where we can get cheap shoes that fit :D

  7. Thanks for the comment! I had an amazing day! More pictures up soon.

  8. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you think of the MUA stuff also. Looking beautiful lovely :) x

  9. what a nice haul! :) I think I am going to pick some of them lippies up, cant go wrong for £1!! haha. x

  10. Lenny - I know right? Bargain too :D I'll post some reviews when I've used them a bit. Thank you xx

    Keeley - Exactamundo lol! xx