Thursday, 6 May 2010

Curly wurly anyone?

No, me neither. I have tried. Only once mind you. What am I on about? My Babyliss Conical Wand arrived a couple of days ago. Once I managed to get it out of the annoying plastic packaging (take note Babyliss!) I attempted to figure out how to use it. I'm not entirely sure I've got the hang of it so any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Babyliss Conical Wand

Comes with a free heat mat and heat protective finger shields! Useful!

The wand has 25 heat settings, comfort grip handle and salon length swivel cord (like ghds if you own them)

2 switches. 1 on, 1 off. Simples! And heat ready indicator lights that flash red and green until it's heated to the desired temperature, when the light remains green.

25-13mm porcelain barrel (Ha I think I just realised what this is for lmao! Blonde moment!)
It also has a cool tip to rest your fingers on when styling which is good! No burns for me!

What's in the box?

And some obligatory gloved finger moments

And my hair after using. Clearly the wrong temperature as I ended up with waves and not curls. I also think I used the wrong part of the barrel hahaha. Failsville!

I clearly haven't quite got the hang of this yet, but I will keep trying! My last ever exam of my degree is this morning so I will be free to play around with this more and attempt to get amazing curls.

Have you got this or a similar appliance? Got any hints or tips about using this or increasing the longevity of my curls?
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  1. hunny this is for waves hehe :) I struggled a lot to creat curls with this but no matter how long your hair wrapped round this wand, it will not give you curls, but only really nice beachy waves. Plus this works only well on long hair

  2. I really want to try this, but not sure if my hair is long enough to. I look forward to seeing how you get on with this once you've had a bit more of a play! Good luck in your exam :) x

  3. I think I'm going to have to invest in a conical wand soon - I'm afraid to admit I have 5 different curling tongs - eek! And I use them all the same way you would use a conical - tipped upside down and wrapping the hair around. I think it gives a much nicer curl than the traditional way. I love that the width of these gradually gets smaller too. x

  4. Get Gawjus - Oh no way haha?! I thought it was for curls. Rubbish. I've just found a new way to get great curls and waves with my ghds. I fear this was a wasted purchase >.< Mine is just longer than shoulder length. Oops hahaha xx

    Lenny - Hello dear :) I'm not sure mine is now lol. I'll keep trying anyway. Thanks, I'm going to need it xx

    Rachel - Oh gosh lol! Omg HAHA I used it the other way. No wonder it didn't work! I'll try using that method and see if it helps. Thanks :) Yeah its good because I would imagine you can have big or small curls. I'll keep experimenting and see how I get on xx

  5. i love my conical wand, takes some getting used to but gives great curls! practice is the key! x

  6. I shall keep trying :) xx


    That is all.

  8. Aha loves yew for posting that :D