Friday, 21 May 2010

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Smooth Silk Light Conditioning Smooth Spray

Hello cupcakes :)

Phew, what a mouthful that title was! I was in Morrisons the other day with a friend picking up some last minute things for her weekend away. She told me about this product and said it was great. One look at the price tag put me off though. Later on we were in Superdrug and I found this on a BOGOF offer. Win! So of course I picked two up. To see what I thought of this product, keep reading :)


What L'Oreal say: Does your hair need a quick, convenient smoothing touch to calm flyaways and frizz, that instantly detangles hair, and is so lightweight you can use it every day without weighing hair down? The L'Oreal laboratories have developed new Elvive Smooth-Silk Light Conditioning Smooth Spray. A smoothing leave-in conditioner in a spray that's light and quick to use. The new Smooth-Silk Light formula, enriched with Silk Protein weightlessly smoothes your hair leaving it manageable. It protects from the effects of damp or humid weather, such as flyaways or frizz. Delivered in an ultra-fine spray, the formula effectively conditions the hair without weighing it down. Your hair is instantly detangled and manageable. It's protected thanks to its 48 hour anti-flyaway and anti-frizz action. Combing is easy! Your hair feels silky, full and flowing.

What I say: Wow what a mouthful. Lately, and for who knows what reason, my hair has been ridiculously static and fly away so when Lucy suggested this to me, I had to try it. My hair was driving me crazy. As soon as I got it home I cracked it out and used it. I love it. It smells gorgeous (like apples actually), and it tamed my hair perfectly. No more flyaways or frizz for me! I don't buy Elvive products as a rule because they always weigh my hair down. But not this one. It really is light, and using this every day is good for my hair. I bet it's thanking me. I've used it on freshly washed wet hair and it detangles instantly. Brilliant. I wouldn't say it's effects last 48 hours but it certainly does last all day. Perfect!


What L'Oreal say: So light, can be used as a conditioning boost on damp hair after washing with shampoo and conditioner, or instead of regular conditioner depending on hair condition; or on dry hair with a light spray to tame hair between washes or on the go! No need to rinse. Can be used every day for daily silkiness.

What I say: I think I pretty much said what I thought of this above haha. It's easy to use, just remove the lid and spray. I give a good liberal spray on wet or dry hair. My hair looks smooth, sleek and shiny with no flyaways or frizz. Yay :D

Price: £3.29 (Currently BOGOF in Superdrug)
Size: 200ml
Available at: Superdrug, Morrisons etc

Product: 10/10
Price: 8/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: If I ever run out, yes

Have you tried this? Or found any other miracle cures for taming fly away/static hair?
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  1. ooo! Like the sound of this!
    May have to pop to superdrug!

  2. It's really good :) No worries xx

  3. great review on this, it sounds really good :) my sister has been looking for a product like this so i might go get her one tommorow :) xx

  4. Thanks :) It is good - worth having in your collection in case of a bad hair day :D xx

  5. oo I'm tempted to try this as I can't do my hair without this: and it looks like a similar thing.

  6. I'd recommend it, it's really good :D xx