Monday, 31 May 2010

May Snapshot


*Whoosh* Wow May has whizzed by don't you think?! Crazy times, but at least we've experienced some of summer :D

Listening to... Radio 1 mostly
Reading... magazines, blogs
Watching... Glee, Luther, soaps, and lots of season finales!!! Including Brothers & Sisters (eek how sad!), Grey's Anatomy (traumatic!!!), Damages (finally, it's over), Lost (glad it's over and mostly tied up), CSI (haha die Langston, die). I'm not that mean in real life haha. I just want Grissom back then CSI would be great again.
Buying... shoes, sandals, make up
Wanting... a job and lots of money please
Trying... to make money on eBay to make up for my ridiculous spending habits!
Loving... the sun! And the end of exams and uni!!! Yay!! Being home :) And scenic country drives <3
Planning... Summer
Making... a bit of money
Writing... notes haha - I'm so forgetful!!! Thank you Jules for introducing me to TeuxDeux!!
Cooking... nothing much
Inspired by... summer & music

How has May been for you?
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  1. It has flown by. I know this because my OH keeps trying to sneak the heating on and I say: No, it's MAY!!

    But it's June tomorrow. Can you believe it?

    Good luck with the job. I know it can be hard.

  2. For me May has been all about The Apprentice. I've been watching all five past series on youtube and have been loving every minute of it. May was also about travelling, turning 24, experimenting with make-up and starting my blog.
    I know you're a Milka fan so I thought I'd see if you've tried the caramel version? I've just tried it and it's sooo tasty! It's now my new favourite :-)

  3. jaljen - Hehe it's not exactly been the warmest of months except for last week. I know, I can't believe we're half way through 2010 already! Crazy. Thank you xx

    Laura - Oo I forgot to mention the Apprentice! I'd love to travel one day when I've got some money to spare. Happy belated birthday :) I have tried the caramel one and I didn't like it :( I think the Cream one has been my fave so far :) xx

  4. I'm ALWAYS trying to make money on ebay :p
    Love this little snapshot :)

  5. Hehe always helps to top up the bank account :) Thanks xx