Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Skincare Routine


A few of you expressed an interest in my finding out more about my skincare routine that I started at the beginning of the year. It's had a great impact on my skin and it seems to be a lot clearer so it's certainly working so far!

The Products

Johnsons Baby Wipes

Previous to these I had been using Johnson's 3-in-1 make up removal wipes, but a few other bloggers had said they use these as a cheap and easy alternative. Considering these are cheaper than make up wipes and you get over double the amount in a pack, it's a no brainer really! When I saw a box of 6 packs for a mere £5 in Asda, I snapped these up. Obviously they're very gentle as they're meant for babies so I knew these would be great for my skin. I use them to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I have no issues with sensitivity around my eye area either.

No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser

I think I'm probably the last person to discover this gem of a product but fear not, I have finally arrived at the party! I adore this product so so much! It's gentle on my skin, removes all final traces of makeup and I find it quite moisturising. I look forward to using this at the end of each day!

Boots Distilled Witch Hazel

Nicola recommended using witch hazel as a toner on her blog a few months ago as a way to reduce blemishes and to help clear them up. At first I found it didn't work for me, yet as I've incorporated it more regularly into my routine I've found that it really does help. The smell is a bit overpowering if your nose gets too close, but it's something I'll live with.

Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel

I've been using this as an alternative to witch hazel when my skin needs a bit more hydration - especially after I've exfoliated. It smells gorgeous and does exactly what it's supposed to.

Freederm (not pictured)

Silly, forgetful old me forgot I about this product, but I bought this at the beginning of the month to combat blemishes. And boy does it work! It really helps to reduce redness and get rid of said blemish quick smart.

Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder Moisturiser

I've had this for quite a while now, and I love it. It's the most gorgeous scented moisturiser I've ever come across. When I first got it I was using it in the mornings but I found it didn't really work using it then applying makeup. So now I use it at night as a final step in my skin care routine so it can work it's magic over night. I find that it sinks into my skin really easily and doesn't leave me sticky or greasy.

I'd like to emphasise that what works for me, may not work for you. Everybody's skin is different and will react differently to different products so don't necessarily think "I must try these products" because you might be left out of pocked and disappointed. And we don't want that! My advice to you would be get into a set skincare routine and try it for at least a month to see if it works :)

Which products do you use in your skincare routine?

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  1. Ooh lovely - my skincare routine consists mostly of Soap & Glory and No7 at the moment, I want to try the Visibly Clear range by Neutrogena though, I've heard good things about it. x

  2. i love the fact that baby wipes are so easily picked up in bulk and are so cheap but i cant win ...the johnsons wipes burn around my eye area, the sensitive ones are just as bad and as i have a young niece ive tried pretty much all other kinds of baby wipes and ive had no luck huggies are the only ones that dont but they are like wet paper so dont feel so great on the skin

  3. Ellie - I've heard good things about Neutrogena too :) xxx

    Safare - I have sensitivity issues with all other Johnsons products. It sucks!! Xxx

  4. Think I'll definitely give the witch hazel a go next time I have a breakout, thanks for the tip :) Tea tree works for the odd spot but I'm wary of using it too much or in too many places as it's so drying.

    @xSafarE My eyes are very sensitive and I have the same issue with wipes of any kind, or even regular cotton pads. Best combo I've found for removing eye makeup is Decleor's sensitive eye makeup remover, and the double faced cotton pads from Boots (using the flat side rather than textured). Doesn't irritate my eyes at all and will take off waterproof mascara etc too.

  5. I use witch hazel too and the smell is killing me, haha. at first i thought i would be sick, but gotused to it in the end. but the results are amazing. it cleared my skin and for those who know me that is a thing I've been looking forward to since I was 16! :P

  6. Laura - You're welcome! I found tea tree drying too xxx

    Birminghamlady - Ha yeah it used to make me gag so bad! Xxx

  7. I use those baby wipes and they are FAB! They are amazing. I use the hot cloth cleanser every night too and LOVE that. I agree with the Witch Hazel smell, ewwwwww xxx

  8. They're a fab combo aren't they? Xxx

  9. I really want to try the No 7 cleanser - so many bloggers love it! I really like witch hazel, it really works even if it isn't the most glamorous skincare product. x

  10. I definitely recommend the No 7 cleanser! I'll be reviewing it this week :) I was surprised that witch hazel worked too, its a gem of a beauty find xxx

  11. I love baby wipes, a great time (and money) saver!

  12. I really need to try the No7 cloth cleanser, it sounds great!
    I could never use witch hazel, the smell is too much! :S

  13. It really is and it smells lovely :) xxx

  14. I've bought a pack of baby wipes and I can't wait to use them! :D x