Tuesday, 15 February 2011

No 7 Spring Collection

Good morning cupcakes :)

I must ask you to forgive me for this post. It's going to be a bit of a brand rave!

After seeing Ashlie's post about the No 7 Spring Collection, I finally remembered to pop in on my lunch break about a week ago. There was the teeniest, tiniest Spring collection stand imaginable, but it had all of the Spring products on it. I had a good old swatch session and I just couldn't resist. I had £20 of Boots vouchers to use so I snapped up a couple of products.  I used the lippie and gel liner the next day and I was hooked. So much so, I went back and snapped up the other two gel liners and the lippie as it was 3 for 2!!!

L-R: Gel Liner in Turquoise, Lipstick in Bridgette, Gel Liner in Blue, Lipstick in Grace, Gel Liner in Black

Let's have a good old nosey at the products!!

Gel Liners

I nearly didn't get this as I already own MAC Delphic, but after trying the others I decided to get this one too.

I picked up the blue liner first as it's one shade I don't own. I love it! It has a great consistency and has a lovely opacity to it.

The black liner blows all other black liners out of the water. Just saying.


Bridgette - I think this is a fairly wearable light pink!

Grace - A gorgeous peachy shade that I'm loving right now!

Available up until March 22nd. Why are you still sat reading this? Pop down to Boots now! Go on, shoo! ;)

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  1. ooh youre tempting me to get all of this :O

  2. I absolutely love the lipstick in Grace. I almost bought it but am trying to be good and not buy too much atm. I'm beginning to think I might cave though. It is LE afterall and it'd be rude not to ;)

  3. aww, I love Grace - looks so so pretty. Gotta get it!
    As for those gel eyeliners - what's the staying power like? And are they easy to apply? (have never used gel ones before.. am an eyepencil girl ;))

  4. I didn't like the gel liners all that much, I thought they were a bit... patchy? I'm a cake liner person :)
    But Grace is my absolute favourite lippie at the moment!

  5. I really want both them lippies and the black eyeliner. xx

  6. Ooh the products look gorgeous! What's the staying power of the liners like? xo

  7. I really want to try the nail polish in Sugar, but shouldnt buy nymore make up ;(

  8. How do you find the brigitte lipstick? I got it as it looks lovely, but then when I put it on it just looks cack. Looks all white and weird. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if it just doesn't suit me. Would be interested to see pics of you wearing it.

    Anna x

  9. By the way, how did you get your vouchers? I know there is a sincare voucher promotion going on now

  10. I picked up Grace last week it's gorgeous. I skipped the eye liners as I thought they would be rubbish... Maybe not? x

  11. ahh thanks for linking to my blog Kim :) I didn't really like the eyeliner all that much at first, but i'm liking it more and more now. Grace is just gorgeous. I love it xx

  12. I love the look of 'Grace'

    Sarah x x

  13. Just found you blog, I like, so I followed!!

    I so badly want to try the eyeliners, apparently they are fab!

    Amy xx

  14. Ahh I passed Grace today in Boots..big mistake meh!swatches of it look lovely!xo

  15. Can we have some swatches please Kim ? Rachelle X

  16. Get Gawjus - Hehe go, go, go! xxx

    10thingsaboutagirl - Grace is gorgeous!! Hehe exactly ;) xxx

    Miss A - Grace is lovely! The staying power for the liners is amazing! Way better than anything else I've tried before! They can stay put from 7am until 11pm - trust me I tried it! Very impressed. So, so easy to apply as well! I'm using a bent liner brush which is perfect! xxx

    Leanne - Really? Mine are great! I find the turquoise one is less opaque than the other two. Grace is a gorgeous lippie :D xxx

    Paula - Do it :D xxx

    Jennie - The staying power is amazing! They can cope with my crazy working hours so I definitely recommend them :D xxx

    Zulfiya - Aww xxx

    Anna - I find Bridgette is wearable on me personally which surprised me. Oh dear :( I'll try and get some up for you :) xxx

    TulipFields - Christmas gifts xxx

    Laura - They are :D xxx

    Emily - Oh my days you need the black and blue gel liners for sure! xxx

    Ashlie - You're welcome!! Which eyeliner did you try? Grace is lush :) xxx

    Sarah - It's gorgeous! So pretty xxx

    Amy - Aww thank you :) The liners are amazing! xxx

    Becki - Grace is a lovely lippie :) xxx

    Rachelle - Sure :) xxx