Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Things I learned through January 2011

Hello hello :)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, that's just January whizzing by! Here's my first "things I learned post" for 2011. I don't think it'll reveal anything incredibly exciting, groundbreaking or life changing but there's always hope right?

001. Having a positive outlook really improves things and helps you rise above those Negative Nellies out there ;P

002. Make up is fun. The key lies in experimentation. Go for it! I tried using two gel liners today and it looked brilliant.

003. I think I should have done a degree in psychology or something. People always come to me with their problems and I seem to solve them. I must be the voice of reason. Oh wise one ;)

004. There are some lovely helpful people in the world of customer service after all. There is hope.

005. I am a perfectionist. I got so annoyed when my nail art didn't go to plan. Didn't help that the nail art pen was awful...

006. Customer services are useless and incompetent. Oh and should all be called Pinocchio. Because of the lies they tell. Customer service is an oxymoron. They wouldn't know what service was if it slapped them round the face.

007. Always shake cans of hair mousse before use...


008. Sparkly shiny things will never cease to bewitch me!

009. I take after my father. I am Scrooge #2.

010. I really need to start writing important things down. Maybe I do need a Filofax in my life after all.

011. NYX Strawberry Milk is not as scary as it looks!

012. I am becoming increasingly more forgetful. I forgot to put mascara on today and I only realised this evening!

013. Good news makes for a happy Kim :D

014. Working out your skin tone is incredibly confusing.

015. Holographic polishes will never cease to amaze me!

016. Ordering things on websites is problematic and sometimes frustrating.


017. I hate customer service. Why can they never make things simple and straightforward?

018. There are some people in the world that will always be self-centred and think that the world revolves around them. Take note people, not true.

019. If you want to get things done, get tough.

020. Big companies like to push us little people (aka customers) around. I'm starting a revolution. I'm not going to take it. Who's with me?

021. I sometimes really hate being a woman >.<

022. People who drive Audis and BMWs need to learn to drive properly rather than recklessly endangering themselves and other people's lives!

023. I get all broody and maternal around small children. Yikes.

024. Sometimes good days are GREAT days :D

025. I can set foot in Boots without buying a single thing! Progress!


026. The English public transport system is an abominable mess!!!!! Take note East Midlands Trains!!

027. I barely need use of my laptop now I have a Blackberry :D Although my BB battery is not my best friend haha!

028. I have finally perfected my cupcake recipe :D

029. IMATS is a must! I'll definitely be going again next year! It was a pleasure to meet so many gorgeous and lovely bloggers & YouTubers!

030. Early mornings + heavy shopping bags = tired, achey me. But IMATS was so worth it!

031. I need to take more notice of what I'm buying rather than impulse purchasing. Oops!

See, I told you I wouldn't get a phD or a Nobel Peace Prize ;)

Did you learn anything interesting this month?

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  1. I love number 25 - I am a serious impulse buyer but am trying to reform my ways! January went by far too fast...I hope I did manage to learn some things along the way! x

  2. Haha thanks :) It did indeed! xxx