Wednesday, 16 February 2011

NOTD: NYC Starry Silver Glitter

Morning lovelies :)

Want to see something beautiful? Keep reading! And do excuse the photo spammage, I got a tad carried away!

I used George @ Asda's Twister as my base polish and then I added NYC Starry Silver Glitter.

And the obligatory blurred photo for holo effectiveness:

I think this is one top coat that we all need in our lives :D

Do you have a favourite glittery top coat?

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  1. I do think so. I have it and it's so darned cheap too!

  2. I'm loving glittery top coats:)
    gorgeous combination!! x

  3. Beautiful! I'm loving glittery nail varnishes atm but have yet to try it over a dark nail colour. Looks amazing though x

  4. I love Nails Inc glitters, but will be looking for this!

  5. Beautiful! Is that Asda polish a matte? I must get my butt over to Asda!

  6. The Asda nail polish looks kinda boring on its own (I generally don't like matte nail polishes), but wow look at it with that NYC nail polish on top!!! GORGEOUS!


  7. Jaljen - It's definitely a favourite drug store find! xxx

    R May A - Thanks :) xxx

    Fei - Thanks! Glittery top coats look amazing over darker bases xxx

    Laura - I usually stay away from glitters but I ADORE this one :D xxx

    Angela - Thanks! Yes it is :) xxx

    Stavroula - Thanks :) xxx

  8. i have such a finely milled Jessica silver topcoat! Love it!!

  9. Oo do you have a link to it? xxx