Monday, 14 February 2011

NOTD: China Glaze IDK

Hello sugarplums :)

Want to see something sparkly and holotastic? (Yes I made that word up. Shh.)

Isn't it just stunning?

I cannot wait for the upcoming Tron collection from China Glaze. More holotastic polishes. Must start saving!

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  1. Gorgeous holo, I love it! I only have gosh holo, so I'm looking forward to more sparkly goodness from the tron collection too :)

  2. That's gorgeous, I do love me some holo!

    I made cupcakes today from your recipe! I put a pic in my V-day post today. They are delicious! xx

  3. Ooh pretty pretty! I really should get my hands on some holos, they are gorgeous! xx

  4. It is amazing. I would love that one and LOL

  5. That's so gorgeous!! I must NOT go on eBay tonight. xx

  6. Ashlie - Thanks! xxx

    Argyro - Thanks xxx

    Gem - Thanks :D xxx

    Sarah - Thanks xxx

    Alex - Thanks. Oo yay will check it out! xxx

    Sylvie - Thanks xxx

    Laura - Thanks xxx

    Emily - Haha stay away from big bad eBay :p xxx

  7. This looks amazing, so much nicer than the GOSH holographic one x

  8. hello :) i was just wondering if you could please tell me when and where you got this polish from please? I'm desperate to try it but apparently useless at finding it!!

    thanks :-D


  9. Hey :) I bought it from eBay but I can't remember the seller unfortunately. Hope that's of some use to you xxx